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- "Surround concert for 6 channels and 2 TV Eyes"

- Enota CTR

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Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN
"Surround concert for 6 channels and 2 TV Eyes"

Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN performed live in 5.1 surround on Wednesday, January 11th, 2006, at 8.00 pm
in Mala Galerija, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, currator- Bojana Piškur

                                                                                                                                                         Photo: Dejan Habicht

"Surround concert for 6 channels and 2 TV Eyes"

A spatial electronic sound investigation of the environment, coupled with video tape played on two video/television screens

This live performance is based on a spatial sound (surround) manipulation of material by means of various (e.g., synthetic, dynamic, granular) techniques for generating and processing sound in real time. In the process of live composing, the performer uses previously prepared musical elements of compositions, effects, series of modulations, synthesized voices and instruments, and, in accordance with the resulting situation in the space, the principle of pure improvisation. In the space, the sound is transmitted digitally on six separate channels at the highest resolution to six loudspeakers suitably positioned in the space.

The composition of the performance consists of three basic themes or sections, each with its own recognizable melody or structure in which both synthetic—electronic and analog (organic) sounds intertwine. Each section is structured so as to allow for optional additional interventions (open insert mode).

1.    platform
2.    implementation
3.    positioning—recording

The duration of the composition is determined by the duration of the videotape on the two television screens. It is limited to exactly twenty minutes (1200 seconds). The screens are positioned flanking the stage, at a height slightly above the level of the desk with the performer’s musical and computer equipment. Playing on the two screens are extremely slow-motion shots of a single blink of an eye, shot simultaneously by two cameras. A single blink, which in reality lasts a bare few tenths of a second, is here protracted to twenty minutes. When the “open-close” action of the blinking eyelid finishes, also the sound story comes to an end.

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Other Live appeareances :

Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN
performed in
Graz / Austria at:
                                     with two live appearances:

1. As member of international musical collective (Davide Grassi / Brane Zorman / Tomaž Grom / Manja Ristić / Ivana Grahovac / Matjaž Manček) performing live project: Server Earth
IEM / CUBE, Inffeldgasse 10/3 April 19, 2007 at 6.30 pm

2. Surround Concert for 6 Channels and Two TV Eyes
ESC / lab, Jakoministraße 16 April 20, 2007 at 6.30 pm