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Ciril Horjak Horowitz

My sons Omar and Izak, my brother-in-law and me visited the print company Leycam where Vecer newspaper every night is printed. Blue collar guy is Mr. Stromajer, chief printer.| August, 31. 2011 | Rotation paper rolls

Piko & Muca, characters in my Vecer newspaper comics. Tool: Pit pen.

Me and my older boys in an advertisement for Slovenia's IT & communications company Siol. Original video here:

I have just finished illustrating the new book by Slovenian author Tadej Golob (reciever of Kresnik book award 2010)| October, 12. 2011 | Book for young readers will feature 60 illustrations, all done by Grip pencils plus illustration for the cover, which I later colored by water colours. I did use Adobe Photoshop to enchance drawings, but pencils where the basic tool.

Workplace shots | August 2011

Die kleinste Grose Enzyklopädie des comics von Dr. Horowitz 

C R E A T I V E - C O M I C S - N E W S

Coming soon: third edition of The smallest great Encyclopedia of Comics
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Me and my family visited Faber-Castell factory in Stein, Germany
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Drawing in Slovene Comics, exhibition in Ljubljana
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