When We Didn't Lie To Each Other, Or At Least Not As Much

Tomaž Grom as a musician & Branko Potočan, Tanja Skok, Sebastijan Starič, Urška Štrukelj, Dušan Teropšič as dancers
1.4.1997, Hrastnik (SLO)
Touring: Ljubljana, EXODOS, Koper, Trbovlje (SLO), Salzburg (AST), Sarajevo (BiH)

The Key:

The story is set in the traditional environment of the local community hall, where the final ball takes place after a dance course has finished. In this traditional context boys and girls are forced to establish communication through traditionally determined behavioural patterns, which is quite a difficult task, since human relations seems to be one of the most delicate interactions in which they are absolute beginners. At this stage, the fact that reality can be infinitely tricky does not hold any weight yet, and the young are only beginning to understand that the struggle for their own identity lies ahead. The choreography of movement at times alludes to cartoons; inserted clips of conflicting situations appear unexpectedly and quickly, resolving themselves immediately. In spite of narration, dance remains an emotional curve, ups and downs of protagonists. Their nimbleness and the energy are outstanding, and they perform dance and acrobatic skills with the greatest of ease. Minimalistic scenography and subdued, but modern costumes imply that it is possible to create an intense, artistically rich and captivating event even with a few boards and ropes. Acting interventions of a musician whose physical presence on the stage is not limited solely to the author's appearance are very authentic.