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Cultural Institute VITKAR is a non-profit organistation funded by Branko Potočan, a Slovenian dancer and choreographer. Vitkar was founded with the aim to produce and present dance performances and to organise dance workshops and other educational programmes.

Vitkar has been producing performances of  physical theatre group Fourklor as well as the various works (theatre, music, multimedia projects) of other Slovenian artists (Gregor Luštek, Rosana Hribar, Jana Menger, Tina Janežič…) Besides organizing and runnig dance and theatre workshops, we started to develop an educational process in the field of contemporary circus, the artistic form that is almost unknown in Slovenia.

From 2001 we have organized conteporary circus workshops with Bruno Kief (rope, tissue, trapez), Volodia Lesluin (rope, tissue), acrobatics with Mitja Samarđija and contemporary dance workshops with Rebbeca (Contact Improvisatio), Frey Faust (The Axis Syllabus technic, Contact Improvisation) and Erik Kaeil (Contact Improvisation).

In the last few years we have broadened our activites in both local and international environment. Our main interest has become the position of contemporary dance in the society. That's why we are actively involved in all issues concerning the development of contemporary dance as a whole (infrastructure for dance education, mobility…) in Slovenia and abroad.

In 2003 Vitkar stared to run an annual international festival of various art forms Red Beats!, which is held in a small Slovenian mine town Hrastnik. The festival is planning to spread around Slovenia.

Vitkar's team:
Darinka Matliev, head office co-ordinator
Branko Potočan, director
Špela Šebenik, producer
Tina Janežič, assistant
Tomaž Štrucl, technical director