“The main part of my focus is healing. Cranio is only one point, but it's a good technique. I learned a lot of stuff in Craniosacral Osteopathy. ‘Wow, this is what I'm doing’, and things like that. Understanding a little bit better what I can do and what I'm doing. The other approach is Movement Teaching - Feldenkrais Method. It was started by a Jewish university professor in the last century. He was one of the first Judo masters in Europe, and when he hurt his knee, he began with the whole thing. Doctors couldn't help him, so he tried to help himself … Very, very successfully. He then helped his friends and other colleagues ...”
“And then there was a whole method of Feldenkrais. The idea is that in everybody there is a blueprint … That the perfect shape is already existing, it's normal, it's inherent. The only thing is that sometimes you have to give it a little help to develop, to come out ... To give a little push or pull whatever. People are so different, some need a lot of language, some need words, spoken work is very powerful. That's the third technique ... The Trauma Therapy, following Dr. Levine and Shamanic Traditions, psychological stuff ... The only art is to get the idea, to feel what you need in a particular moment, and what this person needs. And this is what I think was my original talent, to feel and to learn to respond to your feeling.”