“We make our own olive oil ... Not in a traditional, but in a very easygoing way. You know, in gastronomy, they have a grinder, which you can use for meat to make sausages – it is possible to get rid of bones. So if they can get rid of bones, they can get rid of olive stones, too. And that is what I actually found on the internet, in a very small "finca" in Spain. They are doing their olive oil just this way. They are using this machine, and the rest they do by hands. The rest is completely logical and natural. You have to use the traditional ways. They have a big round stone and glass nets, which they wove and put the paste on it and make a whole pile of these and press it, just the way we are pressing our grapes in Austria. This is exactly the same idea. We use a wine press to press it and then you have to catch the whole thing with water. First, you have to prepare some water to get the enzyme process starting. You have to make the whole thing a little more watery, and then you take a big bucket or something like that. You have a lot of water, and on top of it there’s oil, so you only need to take oil from the top, and on the ground, everything is heavier, water, the olive juice, stone stuff, whatever comes through. It's very easy, it's primitive, and then you have oil that is completely natural. So this is the next step, and as I want to start small, I can do this immediately in autumn, you know.”