KITCH is the brand that brands and valuates spaces, substances, parts of bodies. It praises art to the state of merchandise.

KITCH is an art production based in Slovenia. It approaches the community space with a strongly articulated public note since 1999. In its conceptually framed work it deals particularly with problematics of the new economy that contributes to spreading of kitsch in the climate of meta-stable social relations both on global and local level. KITCH is active in the field of intermedia art. The most of projects are multimedial: video, photography, digital graphic, post-readymade installation, live or web performance and happening are their proper formal frame.

KITCH marked pieces of human body with prices (in year 1999) and branded them with its own brand KITCH™ (in year 2000). Since then, the pieces were continuosly traded till 2003 (performances in the shoping centres and galleries, cities' advertising actions, videos ... under the names XXX Sale and Action XXX Sale). The strategy of trading was documented and reflected in the text Art is a Merchandise Article (the master thesis, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia). Conceptual trading of parts of human body is the first and the original example of that kind of artistical-theoretical work.

The newer projects (2003-2005) continues the research of the relation economy vs. art vs. value: Shop Till You Drop (interpassive readymade installation), Audio KITCH™  (activistic audio/radio social ads), Kitsch is KITCH™ (the installation that announced water, petrol and human blood for the trade articles of the brand KITCH™) and Welcome to the Shopping Paradise, that transformed the gallery into the shop. Moreover, the happening KITCH Wedding tried to expose the role of a citizenship condition in combination with one's gender orientation, at the same time questioning various social dogmas and (non)written procession's rules.

KITCH presented, exhibited, promoted and performed its projects in Ljubljana, Slovenia (City of Women festival of contemporary art, Gallery Škuc, KUD France Prešeren, outdoor space of the Faculty of Arts, the yard of the etnographic museum, Argentinski park), Maribor, Slovenia (UGM, Rotovz, Pekarna, gallery Media Nox, shopping mall Europark, Merkur store, Fashion House store, International Festival of Computer Arts), Helsinki, Finland (Theatre Museum, University of Helsinki – International Centre for Advanced Theatre Studies), Belgrade, Serbia (SKC), Alcoi, Spain (V.A.I.A.), Chicago, USA (Euro Underground Film Festival), Graz, Austria (Forum Stadtpark), London (gallery Seven Seven) and on web.

In 2007 KITCH researches contemporary migration phenomena within the project Living on a Border, kindly supported by the European Cultural Foundation. The results of the research will be presented to the public of four European countries (Italy, UK, Austria and Slovenia) through a series of public events in year 2008. Materials, visuals and documentation of the research will be available in the project's web archive.

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