Janez Strehovec:
Marko Kovacic's "fallen heroes" instigate violence, and focus it more and more sharply; nevertheless, violence in this project is effectively featured from its stylized, aesthetic, and ironic angle -- for example, with referring to Hitchcock, but also with introduction of a parallel play on the chessboard, when objects-mobils-toys, partly grotesquely partly comically designed and actually more Disney-like cool than really slaughterous, go mad and start to fight. Stylized is also acting of the performers, especially with the choreography of mechanical mime; namely, the actors move like protagonists of some Bauhaus stage, say in the manner of the mechanical ballet by Oscar Schlemmer and Lothar Schreyer. The performers surely have a mechanistic, machinelike image -- a man-machine then, brought to light with anthropomorphisation of machines through technologies of violence.