Nevenka Sivavec:

Mister A., a retired professor of history is a funny guy. He has been living alone for years, in an apartment full of different objects. he is the only one to know how to circulate from one room to another among paper boxes, paintings, old information signs, flags with their sticks. Mister A. almost never leaves his apartment, he likes to sit in front of the TV; recently they have started showing the old partisan movies again, thank God. Sometimes he sits down in the front of the stow, puts on his glasses and watches the bread baking or the chicken getting golden yellow. He possesses practical little stool which can be effortlessly moved to the bathroom where he can overlook attentively for a whole hour how the colored laundry is turning in the machine. Those rare people who come to see him will never find out why he does not open for such a long time although he's always home. There is nothing Mister A. enjoys so much as when he can observe the visitors through the little hole on the entrance door. They seem so funny through Mister A.'s optics.

But once the situation was quite different. Some young TV people announced themselves to interview him for a special culture broadcasting, to show the audience his unusual collection and talk with him about different things, about his past and present.

Mister A. agreed, and it made him feel good. But when those young slightly arrogant people arrived and were immensely amused by his collection, he regretted it. They put on the lights, the eye of the camera looked at him with expectation... and he did nothing. He could not pronounce a word. This documentary or interview never took place.