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home: Ljubljana, Slovenia


Band members:

Alt sax:  Primoz Simoncic (also played in Srp, Quatebriga, with other friends)

Piano: Neža Naglič (Salamander Salamandra, Tomaz Grom and other projects)

Drums: Uroš Srpčič (Polska malca, Demolition Group and other projects)

Bass: Iztok Vidmar (also played in Orkester Titanic, Cao Picke, Basisti)



Lolita was founded in 1987 in Ljubljana (ex-Yugoslavia, now Slovenia) by three musicians. Primoz Simoncic – sax, Blaz Grm – drums, Iztok Vidmar – bass had previously performed in various Rock in Opposition, Jazz, Punk and New Wave bands in Slovenia. After a year the guitarist Samo Ljubesic joined the group. They recorded their first cassette-tape on a 4-channel tape recorder at their home rehearsal room, which was released by FV-Ljubljana in 1989. The same company published the LP called Lolita in 1991. During that time Lolita was playing her own music in the Ana Monro Theatre play called George Dandin. That year the guitarist Samo and the drummer Blaz left the group. Mirsad Sabic replaced Blaz. Lolita participated with music and movement in the dance performance  "Vso sreco ti zelim (I wish you all the luck)" together with the choreographer Iztok Kovac and PTL (Dance theatre Ljubljana) in a production of Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana. It was also performed at the dance theatre festival in Budapest 1991. Music from that experience was released on the tape Pik Pok in self edition. Before the split Lolita played all around Yugoslavia and also at some concerts in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Netherlands. With the money earned from writing the music for the performance "Sluga dveh gospodov" by C.Goldoni/Andrej Rozman/Franci Krizaj (LG Celje) Lolita recorded the live CD called BoPa (But It’ll Be). For the promotion of the CD various Slovenian artists contributed their illustrations, graphic designs and photos for the Spring ’95 T-shirt. Lolita and KUD France Preseren released studio-made CD Lolipop in 1996. The painter Oliver Marceta directed the video spot Zelenjavna Mavrica (Vegetable Rainbow), a song from the CD. A guest at another song from that CD, Modri Vlak (The Blue Train), was the actor Zijah A. Sokolovic, a Bosnian actor currently working in Austria. Through that friendship a ‘humoresque for jazz quartet and an actor’ called The Bear by Anton P. Cehov and Zijah A. Sokolovic was put up in 1997 for the European Month of Culture in Ljubljana. After more than 30 re-runs it is still performed around Slovenia and Croatia. With The Bear violinist Jelena Zdrale joined Lolita and drummer Marjan Stanic replaced Mirsad, which gave Lolita a new Ethno-Balkan flavour. In 1998 Lolita wrote the music for the short movie Hotel Intercontinental by Oliver Marceta. Together with the new guitarist Igor Bezget a new CD called Lulu, recorded live in the club Channel Zero, was released in 1999. At that time violinist Matjaz Sekne replaced Jelena. Following the release of the CD Lolita again became a trio: Primoz Simoncic - sax, Marjan Stanic - drums, Iztok Vidmar – bass. In 1999 the trio performed in a show called Trnovo Orchestra where seven musicians conducted by the actor Zijah A. Sokolovic improvised on his cues and thoughts. The concert was recorded at the home bakery and released in limited edition for fans on the CDR Trnovo Orchestra Dance. The year 0 was also the year of Lolita’s jazz festivals: they performed at Jazz festival Cerkno 2000 (Slovenia), Ljubljana Jazz festival ’00 (Slovenia), Pepsi Sziget 2000 - Banán Jazz Stage (Budapest, Hungary), Kumanovo jazz festival (Macedonia), Nishville Jazz Festival (Nis, Belgrade, Yugoslavia). In the next years Lolita played at Jazz Festival Kragujevac 2001 in Novi Sad (Yugoslavija), IZ(Z)VEN  jazz festival 2002 (Maribor, Slovenija), Jazzeuropa Festival 2004 (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and at Ljubljana Jazz festival 2005, where the band performed together with German trumpeter Axel Doerner. The cooperation with different musicians resulted in the project of improvised music, called Lolita Libre. Live recordings from the period between  2002 and 2006  were gathered on a double live CD  Lolita Libre - Nero e Bianco, which was released in 2003 (6CD release on internet free download). The basic Lolita trio of Primoz, Iztok and Marjan, was joined by Tomaz Grom (double bass), Matjaz Mancek (guitar), Jessica Lurie (alt sax) - Tiptons,  Living Daylights, and Ventzislav Blagoev (trumpet) - Antoni Donchev, Vienna Symphony Orchestra – in live improvisation, recorded on the CD. In 2005 Lolita recorded The triple X album with Blagoev. Both CDs were very well accepted among the music critics, as well as among the listeners. Lolita and Zijah A. Sokolovic appeared at the Monodrama festival in Bitola (Macedonia), winning the 1st prize for The Bear performance (Chekov-Sokolovic), On the following Mid and East European tour the show won prizes at the majority of the festivals (Bitola, Kiev, Mostar, Yerevan, Moscow, Kiel, Ruma, Nizhnevartovsk, Smederevo), being awarded for direction and acting, but also for music and innovative approach. Thus the performance from 1997 began to live again. In 2009 and 2010 some member changes occurred in Lolita; The pianist Neza Naglic joined and played for the first time with Lolita at Jazz Cerkno 2009, the drummer Uros Srpic replaced Marjan and like all the previous, also this change caused some changes in 'Lolita music'.



Music description:

"The music is lolipopesque - in other words: their own. It cannot be classified to any of the modern music fields because it steals from everybody (free, Coltrain, funk..). Somebody labelled them as hardboppop... The music is pleasant, very energetic at moments (drummer cuts loose from chains), stomping its feet from joy and then the bass barges in which is lyric after all and the scene is cooled off. Sax, after all these recordings is clearly recognisable, makes an artistic intermezzo that may be followed by either everything or nothing at all...".

Rok Juric




MC Lolita (1989 FV Ljubljana),

LP Lolita (1991 FV Ljubljana),

MC PIK POK (1992 Lolita Music),

CD BoPa (1994 Lolita Music),

CD LoliPop (1996 KUD F.Preseren),

CD Medved (The Bear) - A.P.Chekov/Zijah A. Sokolovic/Lolita (1998 KUD fp)

CD Lulu (2000 KUD F.Preseren),

CDR Trnovo Orchestra Dance (2000 Lolita Music),

CDR Trnfestovske  - Live at Trnfest (2000 Lolita Music)

CDR Lolita - Novi Sad Jazz 2001 (2002 Lolita Music)

CD Nero e Bianco - Lolita Libre, 2CDs (2003 KUD F.Preseren)

CD The triple X album - Lolita, (2005 KUD F.Preseren)

CD Arcnije iz Gromke – Lolita, (2011 Lolita Home Recordings)


Nov. 1995 - Surrender /CD Elvis de luxe - compilation /Toaster records
Oct. 1996 - Sivala je deklica zvezdo /CD Nekega lepega dne - compilation / FV Ljubljana
Mar. 1997 - Lonec brez medu /CD Druga godba II - compilation
Maj 1999 - RS hit /CD "1998/1999 RADIO STUDENT & CLUB K4 ALIVE" /Radio Student compilation

2009 Jazz CERKNO  /  kompilacija

2011 – Risbica / CD1 Jazz Slovenia 2011 / SIGIC Ljubljana – compilation



Some concerts:

Aug. 1989 Budva Theatre City - Budva, Yugoslavia
Nov. 1990 Pre Stab Festival - Eindhoven, Netherlands
Mar. 1992 East Culture Festival - Bekescaba, Hungary
Jan. 1993 De Slovenen Komen - Peron 55, Venlo, Netherlands
Sep. 1995 SOU rock - Krizanke, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jun. 1996 Druga godba - Krizanke, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oct. 1996 Lolita + Living Daylights - Druga godba Slovenia tour, Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Ilirska Bistrica
Sep. 1998 Forbiden fruits of civil society, Utrecht, Netherlands
Jun. 1999 Forbiden fruits of civil society, Mala Loka castle, Slovenia
Dec. 1999 Trnovo Orchestra project, Ljubljana, Kud F.P., Slovenia
Apr. 2000 Lolita - Live net casting from Radio Student, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maj 2000 Trnovo Orchestra project, Jazz festival Cerkno 2000, Slovenia
Jul. 2000 Ljubljana Jazz festival, Slovenia
Aug.00 Pepsi Sziget 2000 - Banán Jazz Stage, Budapest, Hungary
Aug.00 Kumanovo jazz festival, Macedonia
Nov.00 Nishville Jazz Festival, Nis, + SKC Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Aug.01 Banan Jazz Stage, Pepsi Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Nov.01 Jazz Festivals Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

Nov.02  IZ(Z)VEN festival - Jazz klub Satchmo Maribor, Slovenia, 
Mar.04 The Tiptons (ZDA) & Lolita jam session, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Si
May.04 Jazzeuropa Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Sep.04 Lolita - Ars Poetica 2004 Festival (Budmerice Slovak Writers Home) koncert @ Studio 12 Bratislava, Slovakia
30.Jun.005 Lolita + Axel Doerner (trumpet, Berlin), Jazz festival Ljubljana, Slovenia
13.Jun.006 Lolita Libre project, P74 sentvid, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20:30h
27.sep.006 City Dreams with sax-Jesica Lurie, painter Danijel Zezelj & Lolita, ZAGREB Croatia
28.sep.006 Jessica Lurie + Lolita, concert, SaxPub, Ljubljana, slovenia 21.30
23.Jun.007 Lolita - Festival Krakovtrn 2, Sax pub, Ljubljana, Slovenia

05.Maj 009 Mednarodni festival 14. Jazz Cerkno 2009

23.Sep 010 Revija v reviji Festival, Lolita and slovene haiku antology performance



Awards for performance The Bear - A.P. Chehov, Z. A. Sokolovic, Lolita:

·         1st prize - Festival na monodramata Bitola, Macedonia, 11.Jul.003

·         Award for innovative approach - International festival of monoperformances "Vidlunnja", Kiev, Ukraine, 21-25.Apr.2004

·         Best male role and best directing award: Zijah A. Sololovic & Special music award: Lolita - IV international festival FestPo*04, Novi Becej, SCG, 03.Jul.004

·         Award to Zijah Sokolovic for the original realization of performace Medved - 25. international festival, Mostar, 31.aug,2004, BiH

·         Grand Prix for Best Male Actor - II International One Man Show Festival ARMMONO, Yerevan, Armenia, 18.Sep.004

·         Grand prix for best directing - 6. Moscow International One Man Show Festival , 2004 Moscov

·         Media Award - Zijah A. Sokolovic for his innovative performance in THE BEAR - 4th international monodrama festival THESPIS, 12-19 November 2004 KIEL (Germany)

·         Award 'classic as avantgard' Nizhnevartovsk theatre festival, (Khanti-Mansi, Siberia) Russia, oct. 2005

·         1. prize on festival PatoSofiranje (forever young festival) 21-25. jun 2006. Centar za kulturu Smederevo, Serbia



Other projects:

1988 - live music in performance "George Dandin" by Ana Monro Theatre

1991 - live music in dance performance "Vso sreco ti zelim" by Iztok Kovac and PTL

1993 - music for performance "Sluga dveh gospodov" by C.Goldoni/Andrej Rozman/Franci Krizaj (LG Celje)

1994 - T-shirt collection "Spring '95" from authors: Afrodita Hebar, Anton Vidmar, Blaz Grm, Dolores Gerbec, Gregor Kokalj, Maja Gspan, Miha Skerlep, Petra Varl Simoncic, Sinisa Lopojda, Strip Core, Tadej Pogacar, Vesna Vidmar, Zora Stancic, Ziga Koritnik, Zoambo Kolumbo

1997 - performance Medved (The Bear) - Cehov/Sokolovic, performed by Zijah Sokolovic & Lolita

1998 - Hotel Intercontinental, music for film by Oliver Marceta

2001 - Reinkarnacija - video Neven Korda, music Nikoli - Lolita

2002 - P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art /party music - Tivolski grad, 21h Ljubljana, Slovenia


Lolita members projects:

1983 - MC Cao picke/Via ofenziva (I. Vidmar - member of Cao Picke)
1984 - LP SRP - Srp (P. Simoncic as member of Srp)
1984 - LP '84 - compilation (I. Vidmar as member of Cao Picke)
1993 - CD Pieces of cake - P. Simoncic (solo project)
1995 - performance Jantar Jupiter by Mojca Dimec (music by I. Vidmar )
1995 - CD La Dolce Vita - Data Direct (gost P. Simoncic)
1995 - CD Pro Choice - Borghesia (gosta P. Simoncic, M. Sabic)
1997 - dance performance Quintet of Suzana Koncut (sax&act: P. Simoncic)

1996..99 - Dertum Band, 2 CD’s –  (Marjan Stanic’s band)

2001 – theatre performance Lenny (Julian Barry, Jasna Merc) by Z. A. Sokolovic (sax&act: P. Simoncic)

2002 - Marjan is dancing in OBcutno OBcasno/ATsense ATtime - Choreography & dance: Matej Kejzar, Gregor Lustek, drums: Marjan Stanic. music: Aldo Ivancic

2002 - CD release of band Srp, Zadnja Vecerja (Primoz's band from previous century)



Former members & guests:

drumers: Blaz Grm (..1990), Mirsad Sabic (..1997), Marjan Stanic (..2010)
singers: Mojca Dimec (1988), Alenka Vidrih (1989), Alenka Marsenic (guest on LP Lolita)
guitarists: Samo Ljubesic (..1992), Igor Bezget(1998..99)
violinists: Jelena Zdrale(1997..99), Matjaz Sekne (1999)


from press:

... Overall though, the band does a fine job in filling the two generously packed discs with music of continously varied color and mood.

Derek Taylor, cd Nero e Bianco, The Cadence magazine Sep. 2004 (p121)


... Lolita is one of the rare musical ensembles from around, whose decision to improvise isn't just a fling or a detached step away- but it is literally a cultural political gesture, an implication of their own history, a sharp self portrait pointing to the always fading memory that music should never be caught by anybody. Lolita, as the name of the band suggests, is not to be tamed and she has her own wayward ways.

cd Nero e Bianco  preface - Miha Zadnikar, 2004

... An other discovery of the festival was Chekhov’s “Bear” presented by Slovenian actor Zijah Sokolovic under the accompaniment of jazz quartet, in jazz rhythms, with some unexpected inner feelings of the character, the mode of scenic existence unbelievable for a drama performance, very fresh, with dramatic discoveries so well motivated, with turns of the plot so naturally developed in such paradoxical unrealistic circumstances.

from ITI One Man Show Forum board meeting report, 2004

We have nothing about technology here ,nothing digitally performed Here , But Still Lolita the Band from Slovenia contribute great innovations in creating quality music with Their sexy sax Leading this trio of brilliant musicians ! Now there you have it , Innovative does not always means you have to include technology in music or Music about the future , It is simply one word for an Artistic mind "Be Free"!

Innovative International Radio,, x.x.2000

iziDoesntLikeIt... a certain haunting quality from the low hum... I love the laid back groove for the first 3 minutes... great preparation for when it kicks up just a bit... that great bass line taking over after 5 min.... the guitar riding over the horn stabs... a different, almost otherworldly melody... intense... definitely the kind of fresh tasting music there should be more of. peace ;-)

buddha man December 10, 2000,

Music for a 1950s hot-rod movie. Catchy horn lines riff over a stop-and-start rhythm that turns into a driving Surf backbeat. The wild, screeching sax solo makes you wanna drive fast and get in trouble.

Noah E. review, x.x.1999

The smoothly flowing soundtrack, in total opposition with local film and music tradition. Also: an extension beyond Lolita's narrow circle of fans, a step into "the easy-listening marshes", without dirtying one's own galoshes.

Jasa Kacin, The best CDs of the year, Mladina 53, 28th December 1996.

...The soundtrack music is lolipopesque - in other words: their own. It cannot be classified to any of the modern music fields because it steals from everybody (free, Coltrain, funk..). Somebody labelled them as hardboppop... The music is pleasant, very energetic at moments (Sabic cuts loose from chains), stomping its feet from joy and then Vidmar's bass barges in which is lyric after all and the scene is cooled off. Simoncic's sax, after all these recordings and his own CD Pieces of Cake clearly recognisable, makes an artistic intermezzo that may be followed by either everything or nothing at all...

Lolita Lolipop, Rok Juric, Muska, October 1996.

...But of course Lolita isn't listening to the same radio stations and records and isn't attending the same concerts as an Slovenian everyman. But she thoroughly examines the motives from Radio Student announcements, Yutel's commercials (supposedly for Sipad) and opera's arias, shocking in Zorn-like manner with abrupt invasions of noise, sucking up with the Pink Panther theme, fiddling in accompaniment to the "railway-station" poetry of Zijah Sokolovic and at the end kissing goodbye Kraftwerk in front of wheezing Transeurope express. Everything, without stepping with both legs onto the slippery but profitable area of covers, and simultaneously in a true film sequence of melted songs, rather short than prolonged, ment to be whistled during one's bath...

Lolita: Lolipop, Jasa Kacin, Mladina 25, 18th June, 1996.

...Already the fact of the society's global disinclination throughout all these years hasn't succeeded to block the extremely special efforts of such a sensitive aggregate, which a jazz trio is, should be counted among cultural phenomena deserving all the attention. And it is also simply overwhelming when such a long aspiration concludes in a richly fragmented artistic standpoint that Lolita has firmly set up in our cultural space over the past few weeks, simultaneously in both, for musical activity, representative ways: with an album and a concert at Druga godba Festival. In both cases she demonstrated a surprising professionalism in making her own ideas true, together with loaded roundness, perfectedness and creative maturity of her characteristic musical expression..

Lolita: Lolipop, Zoran Pistotnik, Dnevnik, 9th July 1996.



Primož Simončič, tel.: +386 51 702710; eMail:
Iztok Vidmar, tel.: +386 31 236274; eMail:

Snail mail address.: Iztok Vidmar, V loki 14, SI-1351 Brezovica, Slovenia, Europe

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