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Lolita - Glasbena Mladina '95

Lolita got its name after a certain book of a Russian immigrant. Somebody also shot a film. Lolita is a girl, of 12. She has got a step father, who is such and such. Lolita can be everything-also 'porno'. Lolita is interpreted by each of lolitas (see SSKJ, 2. edition, DZS 2010 lolitovec-a, a kind of a man who belongs to the musicians of Slovene cult group Lolita, lolitas sent his audience into raptures) in his own way.
In Slovenia the name of the group, which plays 'lolita-music'. It differs from groups of the same name in Sweden (12 Lolita groups) and the USA (6 Lolita groups).
They started in 1987 as quartet(Simoncic, Vidmar, Ljubesic-a guitar, Blaz Grm-drums), during the recording of Lolita (FV, 1990) Grm was substituted by Sabic (the reason: 'Blaz fell asleep behind the drums during the recording'). Half of the record is recorded in present cast Simoncic-Vidmar-Sabic.
They record a first cassette (Lolita TDK SA 90, FV 27, 1989), 1 LP (Lolita, FV 006, 1990), 1 CD BoPa, published by the author, distribution Dallas Ltd., October 1994). They like the next record the best. Actually, the present record is better than the previous.
They could publish each year 1 record if they had money, ha ha) They started the project ' five CD in two years. Titles: SeNi, SeBo, PaTo, JeZe..
The others add them among the young Slovenian jazz scene (Miladojka Youneed, Quatebriga). They them selves have not given a lot of thoughts to this question, where does their music belong to. Because it does not belong anywhere. Laboriously it is called hardpopbop - but also lolita music. Of all 'young Slovenian scene' they remained alone. And they wanted to stay. They hope, not alone.
They made music for Gledalisce Ane Monroe and for the performance of Dance Theatre Ljubljana Stiri krat stir. Performing the latter Mirsad was laying while playing the drums (the battery of the drums were held by two scene workers. 'It was hard. ..I was not satisfied.') Iztok was jumping on the truck, a girl was jumping all over Primoz..
The part of each of us in lolita music is equal.
We have not got much in common with established jazz festivals. We played in Budva, in Monte Negro. A belgradian jazz trumpeter Stjepko Gut heard us at tone rehearsal. He asked: 'Is this also jazz? Yes, this is also jazz.' He left the stage shaking his head. They also played at jazz festival near the hungary-rumanian border - the audience danced and they brought them beer. Now, in those places, they listen Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Lolita. They would like to play at jazz festivals more often, because, at least you get refund the travelling expenses.
They play mostly in clubs. They know nearly all. And this is not easy in Slovenia, when clubs appear so quickly and go bankrupt. They feel the best in Koper, in Ljubljana, Celje, Velenje, Maribor. The public receives them well all over Slovenia, except at Ptuj. They have not played in Upper Carniola '...because the people are too stingy.'

Primoz Simoncic

M.A., he will receive his D.Sc. Workaholic from necessity. If he was able to live of music, he would never again ...
Married, the car, a daughter Katja, an answering machine. Income-for an expert article, which he had been writing a year and a half he received 15.000,00 SIT.
A native of Ljubljana.
Alt saxophone.
He played in Srp, with Brecelj ('when Tito died they drove by a Diana to work brigades and grunted; the Police pursued them'). He cooperated with Borut Krzisnik, Zlatko Kaucic. He also wanted to establish a connection with the Maribor scene (Igor Bezget, Manc Kovacic) but stronger connection had come to nothing because of the bad road LJ-MB. Otherwise he likes to appear on stage in Maribor.
Last year he recorded Pieces of Cake, which was made by ready-made music, he sat alone for quite some time and ruminated about the music. When everything was written he called recreative musicians to play the music. This can be heard if you listen first Pieces, and then Lolitas Bo-Pa. The latter was made creatively.

Iztok Vidmar

A mathematician and physicist. He makes software. He speaks quietly. Laughs loudly.
Not married. He always tells this to his fans. He has a car, but he must not drive. He was taken his driving license. A month ago. Now because the others drive him around he treats them to a drink. Thank you.
A native of Dragomer.
A bass guitar. He plays it also with a bow since he had to play Saint-Saens Swan on a bass guitar.
He played in Cao picke, Basisti. He is with Lolita since the very beginning.

Mirsad Sabic

Electrician-energetician. He repairs software. With Vidmar (see Vidmar) he does not collaborate- he is his competition.
Not married. A girl friend. A dog- German shepherd dog, 15 months (when he is to be feeded, Mirsad leaves the rehearsal, even in the middle of the composition. He earns too little.
A native of Ljubljana.
Plays drums.
He plays in 'garage' bands - punk. Nothing well known. He still continues doing this - with every band he stays up to 14 days. He plays with everyone, who would call him a professional. 'He plays truly only in Lolita. He joined it because he is the neighbour of Samo Ljubesic, who played a guitar with Lolita. Ljubesic asked him: 'Have you got time? I have'. And he joined the group. In Lolita.

text: Rok Juric, photo: Borut Kranjc, censored by Lolita; 1995, Ljubljana