A round table that is being held in Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy, on May 21st and 22nd 1996, organised and moderated by Vuk Cosic, Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The tsunami paradigm shift we're witnessing in arts these months/years deserves some articulation. Most obviousely, the area of advanced and intense art practice is to Some questions are appearing as interesting, and this is the moment to point them out:

Is there a specific net.art?
How does the artist use the control over the distribution of his/hers work?
How does the modernist/romantic perception of the "art work" as a tangible piece influence the net.artist? Is hard copy obsolete?
Is teritory (realy) obsolete? (does the automatic globality of audience necessarily mean the universality of the topic?)

The invited speakers are:

Marina Grzinic, ZRC-SAZU, Ljubljana
Walter van der Cruijsen, Desk.nl, Amsterdam
Oliver Frommel, AEC, Linz
Alexei Shulgin, WWWart Center, Moscow
Igor Markovic, Arkzin, Zagreb
Heath Bunting, Irational, London
Marjan Kokot, Koda, Ljubljana
Gomma, Decoder, Milano
Andreas Broeckmann, V2, Rotterdam

A mailing list is also opened in order to discuss the issues mentioned above.

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