Date sent: Sun, 11 May 1997
From: Janos Sugar

...its not bad, take the model of the diligent capitalist small tiger proven in southeast Asia--we are all the sudden facing a new state system: the capitalist dictatorship. The masses arenít too concerned about the cellars of the secret police because life conditions are pleasant: nature, sea, sun, relaxation. As soon as life conditions somewhere become too pleasant (or too unpleasant?), a dictator can discipline sleepy citizens having a siesta (or shivering citizens sitting in an ice-cabin licking frozen seal fat) with only a police baton. Now that global warming is coming, the whole Euramerica will have a siesta at noon, bringing not the age of global information or communication society but the first age of the air-conditioner. If the executive offices at IBM, coca cola etc. get warmer, the famous efficiency will end, everything will become sluttish. It will be the age of half-asleep, dozing policeman, flies buzzing around the server. And then Vikings will appear to take of the command of the sleepy world.

(Janos Sugar, transcriptions from random recordings)

Date sent: Mon, 12 May 1997
From: hoeksteen

co-workers (Heisenberg, etc) (i.e., another 5 centuries) for quantum mechanics and time-space continuum. Physics, as we know it, has only had "three" great moments in history, and in between, NOTHINGNESS (Michael Ende, la NADA, the Neverending story). And Einstein's great contribution: neither time nor space are absolute, but relative...there is NO UNIQUE 0,0 coordinate....) And since I have not looked at my Physics books in a long time, and with my neurons under the influence of a different solvent than the regular solvent (water), i.e., highly distilled scotch (alcohol produced by specific anaerobic oxidations of specific sugars to specific alcohols, and other aromatic substances, not to boring CO2), and imagine, such subversive product (scotch) actually being invented by monks (not by degenerates) in the 13th or 14th century in the bitter cold typical of the English islands (routinely attacked by tornados of ice cubes) to "cure the ailments of the heart (soul)"), (shit, Bayer had not yet invented aspirin, or patented it) so please, I advise you to DOUBT THE "TAPAZOS" EXPRESSED HERE (I will not claim intellectual property on any of them.....)

Hector Jean Barreto

Date: Wed, 7 May 1997
Subject: multipolar vehicles

I worked with virtual architecture till 5 am or so. When i left the office it was already dusk. I was walking home along quiet streets and i was conscious that my brain still by some perceptual inertia kept on projecting simulatory architecture in front of my eyes. I suddenly became aware of a multiple vehicle which spontaneously formed in my mental terrain: i moved in physical space and at the same time my physical body carried a virtual imprint which kept on generating simulatory movement. Directions were something very confusing from the point of view of this autonomous vehicle. It maid me think about the bipolar limits of human orientation. I thought: what happens to the mental constructs like this vehicle, once they are formed will they ever dissolve or will they continue to develop and multiply restructuring one's mentality?

Date sent: Mon, 07 May 1997

Tenets of Wryting-Theory

Terminology, i use various terms as stopgap measures, supplements - terms such as "defuge," "ascii unconscious," "emission," "wryting." These are con- strued through a phenomenology; they are not articulated through an overriding structural discourse.

Structure, the structure that emerges is necessarily one of dissolution, as the subjects - virtuality, Net, darknet, embodiment - are pluralities; the terms denote domains, discursive formations - not frameworks.

Actants, between fiction and philosophy, the text devolves through actants or quasi-characters carrying virtual and psychoanalytical vectors into the theoretical domain.

Theory, theory is a continuous production, linked to myself, my actants, my characters on various applications. (This implies the narcissism of theory only in a formal-theoretical way.)

Applications, Applications are examined above and below (see below, Beneath, Lamina), from code to interface to the developments of communities, individuals, sexualities, and pronominal manifestations within them. Applications are both realized and fictions themselves.

Future of Philosophy, the text problematizes philosophy, not as situational, but as both vir- tual and plurality. The text operates carefully and with care; it is self-reflexive and self-critical.

Self-Criticality, wryting myself through the text, the text through myself, both are ef- faced, torn, dismembered in light of, in lieu of, the real. (Thus I re- peat: I wryte myself into existence; I wryte myself out of existence.)

The Real, the real, Real, is/are left undefined, neither stasis nor operation, and neither relative nor relegated to the bandwidth of human perception. There is recognition of core-theoretical components, lending themselves across domains, just as TCP/IP may be senselessly mirrored in particle physics.

Uncanny Thinning, the body thins itself, withdraws, catatonic and/or body-without-organs, particulate, across the semiotic or imaginary; the body is held within the matrix of the Net. Thinking is thinning, word-flooding.

Limb, it is the pure limb floating in pure space, emblematic of cohesion, co- herency and lack across domains; the limb is beyond wryting, objet a, lure. Space is the infiltration of fissure; space collapses to inscrip- tion.

Fissure, Fissure is the division of the same with the same, as in the cleft of rock, split of skin, wound or hole or conveyance. Fissure is unrepresen- ted, is real.

Inscription, 1. inscription is the division of the other with its negation, as in the intersection of two complementary sets. Inscription is representation, is symbolic; the _signifier_ is real, the double-signifieds are index- ical at best.

Inscription, 2. In CMC (computer mediated communication /p) everything is inscribed, but the matrix is fissured, read through inscription, perturbation from beneath.

Beneath, Lamina, an axiomatic air pervades CMC-spaces, not a site of direct implication, but one of indirect imbrication.

Imbrication, fractals, self-similarities, fluxes, flows, peripheral phenomena, header enlargements, lost packets, glutted bandwidths, nudities, characterize these _resistance spaces,_ spaces of echoes, ghosts, theoretical part- objects, archaeological remnants.

Remainder, the text I wryte is a remainder, residue, reminder of these spaces; it is a field or domain, weak-philosophy without conclusion, with upgrad- ing, with emissions from writing towards the future wrytten.

Mass, theory becomes substance, theoretical mass, imbroglio and paste.

Inertia, inertia grounds the theory in the real; inertia interpenetrates the ob- durate or granularity of the world.

Everything, everything is world without framework, meaning without relativization.

Nothing, everything and nothing escapes a wryting without conclusion, with un- easy ontology, with the promulgation of the writer. Nothing is defuge, exhaustion of theoretical substance, decathecting, disinvestment. Noth- ing splays the body; phenomenology is always already a masochism or opening, masochism whose safe-word is death.

Death, death is the diacritical of the text, theory-substance, wryting, neither here nor there. Death is the insomniac of terminology. The text is nei- ther here nor there. There are no term-limits.

Date sent: Mon, 07 May 1997

Oh! I do love Her so!

I write this "sentence" or "section" But the machine (in me?) writes "this one" in return I appeal to this desire I have to be my own woman! But the machine has just written this at my very own request! It's the machine which has made the request But I'm the woman who loves Her so! and is "Her very own woman!" The woman in the machine told Her to say that! But it is the machine in Her that does the talking! The machine says, see Sartre, Critique of Dialectical Reason The machine, the woman says, knows this; the machine _scans!_ I have been scanned by the machine, says the machine Writing "the woman" who refutes my consciousness! I "the woman" am a virtual machine in a woman Refuting the machine which says "I have my consciousness!" I, Jennifer-the-last-word, am writing all of this! I am not a machine! says the machine!

Date sent: Mon, 07 May 1997

Enter, Thinking

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Date sent: Mon, 07 May 1997

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997

hooks, eyelets, latches, buttons, eyes, zips, velcro. matthew, fuller

- gimme some raw data

Application forms, like history, are written by the victors. The difference between a B1 and a form applying for a grant from the Arts Council is that whilst the former just requires straight points of fact to be supplied with whatever degree of veracity, the latter requires more subservience, more socialisation, from the applicant. When shall we see the day when requests for unemployment benefit are made under such romantic headings as: 'proposal'?

- cruising the metro on premium petrol

At a school, pretty much all of the kids came in one day having watched the same documentary the night before on telly. They are all twitching and swearing, all through the day. Whenever they can. The programme was about a boy with Tourette's syndrome. Images of syndromes such as Tourette's gain an independent existence which often end up providing people with some interesting techniques. In the middle of a supermarket you could call a tin of baked beans a cunt.

- from crack-whore to president

Objections to Gangsta rap are often made on the basis of data collected in 1991 through Soundscan, a computer system which records the demographics of people buying records in the US. This survey showed that the major audience for gangsta rap was white suburban middle class males. The survey showed that white suburban middle class males were also the biggest purchasers of grunge, dance and metal. The survey did not show that Soundscan computer systems are mainly installed across middle America, specifically in mainstream record stores and record stores located in suburban shopping malls.

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FACTNet electronic library and archive


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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995
Subject: Java warnings (i.e., everything under the sun...)

This warning is included in some Java applets from Sun. Looks as if they have been reading RISKS...


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