A manifesto

Discovery of lithopuncture
Lithopuncture is a method of ecological healing, through which positioning of stones on acupuncture points of the given landscape is combined with the language of cosmogrammes, and the holistic awareness of the Earth cosmos.
The purpose to develop lithopuncture was primarily, to have at disposal a method through which it would be possible:
· to heal problems of a place, a landscape, or a city on the etheric, emotional, and soul levels
· to bring to public awareness the fact, that there are subtle levels in the environment, which are of decisive importance for the life quality of a place, even if they are not recognised by the modern science.

Next step: Lithopuncture Circles
During the last years many of us have discovered that Earth is changing on its subtle levels. We agree that the Earth changes, that we perceive, represent a self-healing process of a planet endangered by environmental destruction and ongoing warfare in politics, in economy, among the sexes etc. We believe that entering a process of change, the Earth is offering an alternative to cataclysms, as the traditionally anticipated way of her transformation.
Our intuition says, that this alternative is possible only if human beings are ready to collaborate. The holistic movements, those creating the culture of peace, those working towards a new paradigm etc. are all supporting the change in a relevant way. Yet we feel that also a conscious collaboration with the Earth transformation process itself is needed. It needs also to bring our human contribution into this development, to become co-creators of the new Earth cosmos.
This is the purpose why few years ago we created a network called "Life Web: Geomancy and Transformation", why we are developing Healing Biotopes like Tamera.. This is also the purpose, why we intend to build Lithopuncture Circles.
Creating Lithopuncture Circles we intend to use the knowledge gained while developing lithopuncture, including the knowledge how a work of this kind can be integrated into society. And yet we intend to create something new.

What is the purpose of lithopuncture circles?
During the first phase of Earth changes (1997-2003) the subtle body of a "new Earth" was prepared. It is too subtle to be perceived by people who are not trained in conscious deep perception. Thus its influence on the body of human civilisation is minimal. To increase its influence and thus to stimulate the overall transformation process (we do not need more wars and more environmental destruction), ways should be found to ground the new subtle body of the Earth cosmos. Ways should be found to bring the new space closer to form, i.e. closer to the day-to-day reality.
Through creating Lithopuncture Circles it is possible to create a catalyst, that would help the fine new qualities to proceed on their path of manifestation. Before the new civilisation can take on proper forms, an intermediary step is needed, which can be provided by Lithopuncture Circles and by the communities of people who work on their erection.
The knowledge, how to create a Lithopuncture Circle is partly derived from study of the ancient stone circles. Some of them were created as libraries of the universal peace knowledge, that can nowadays serve as a source of inspiration concerning the blue-print of change. Attuning to the ancient stone circles, we specially are searching for the information, that at that time was stored for the future; their future being identical with our present.
The process of building is not less important as a Lithopuncture Circle itself. The human race is perpetually hurting universal laws, which is generating violence between human beings and nature, as well as among ourselves. By building Lithopuncture Circles, we search for the cosmic patterns that underlay the universal community of life. The knowledge thus gained will help in turn to establish patterns of peace within ourselves and in our environment.
Building Lithopuncture Circles, means building cosmogrammes and sociogrammes of the new planetary culture. Within the Circles initiation in holistic awareness can take place. Insights into the secrets of personal development can be obtained. New models of community and communication can be developed. Rituals of healing the distorted relationships between nations, religions, cultures can be performed, and also rituals of communion between human beings and nature.

Lithopuncture circle process

Lithopuncture Circle is a composition of stones with carved cosmogrammes and following characteristics:
1. The place for the Circle was chosen according to its geomantic characteristics that ensure the proper functioning of the circle.
2. The preparation process is a vital part of a Lithopuncture Circle. It runs through a longer period in which the participants teach and learn the basics of geomantic approach to the Earth organism, widened perception, the language of cosmogrammes and the skill of stone carving.
3. The cosmogrammes developed and carved by participants should relate to the whole matrix of life, including different nature kingdoms, the elemental, spiritual and angelic worlds, to social, political and environmental issues important for the given place, etc. They can also anchor the relationship of the Lithopuncture Circle to some chosen places.
4. Once erected, a Lithopuncture Circle could be a place for group rituals, for individual vision quest or meditation and for networking.

What could be done
Be attentive to perceive a possibility or a need to create a Lithopuncture Circle. Use Life Web as a path of communication. Different projects should be interconnected.
It needs to create a fund for financing the projects. A special account will be arranged for that purpose.
Attune to the purpose, see what is truly needed. Be aware that the perfect function of a Lithopuncture Circle does not depend primarily of the chosen stones and designed cosmogrammes, but of the love quality invested into the process of its creation.

proposed by Marko Pogacnik, Sabine Lichtenfels and Peter Frank
Sempas, Tamera, Weilheim, January 2nd 2004


on the grounds of Tamera community in Portugal
Together with Sabine Lichtenfels, Peter Frank and 30 members of Tamera we started to prepare the Lithopuncture Circle in March 2004. Since then we had 3 workshops with the group to figure out the purpose of the Circle and the role of singular stones and their cosmogrammes. The LithoCircle in Tamera will b a Soziogramme embodying the multidimensional society of the future, its relationships with animals. plants, elemental beings, ancestors etc. and its spiritual background.
During the workshop in October 04 the first 26 stones with the cosmogrammes sculpted by the members of the group were positioned. Finished Circle should have at least 80 stones. The work continues in March 2004. For more information see also other web sites cited at the end of Manifesto above.

After 5 years of preparatory workshops dealing with the city-landscape of Prague, in July 2004 the first stone with its cosmogramme was positioned on the top of the Hill of Holy Cross in Žižkov.
The Lithopuncture project in Prague is organised by Jan Tajboš and Cultura Informa Bohemia. The city of Prague gave permission.
This is the first stone along the axis of the Heart centre of Prague which is positioned within the hill upon which the Strahovsky Klošter stands. Other stones will follow along that line to strengthen the revitalising powers of the Heart system of Prague.

Since 10 years Marko is working on decoding the landscape of many lakes between Bern and the mountains of Jura. There is located an intricate geomantic system of connection between Heaven and Earth, structured similar as the Star of David is. Its centre is located on the St.Peters Island in the lake of Biel. Since 1998 Marko and his wife Marika are comming there to carve some more cosmogrammes and position new stones. Now 24 stone columns are standing in the landscape on its acupuncture points.
The project is called "Landscape, Art, Geomancy" and is promoted by Hanes Pauli Gesellschaft from Bern and directed by the landscape architekt Kurt Rohner from Biel and his daughter Mireille Jeny from Siselen.
In 2005 new lithopuncture stones will be positioned there: in Bern, Solothurn, the old Aare etc. in the time between May 18th and 24th.

After 10 years of work with the city-landscape of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, the city's Culture Department has accepted the proposal of lithopuncture system for Zagreb that Marko has prepeared and which was proposed by the Centre for Preserving Nature and Health "Sirion" and its director Maja Mastroić.
The basis of the lithopuncture project is the "backbone of Zagreb", the city's central axis which connects different layers of the city. When the project is finished in November 2004, seven lithopuncture pillars with 9 cosmogrammes will be standing along the Axis. Included in the lithopuncture project for Zagreb is also the citys "Heart axis" ant the sacred dimension that connects to the soul of the city, a system that comprises 9 acupuncture points, the majority of them already marked with monuments by Meštrović and others.
During the month of August 2004 all ten pillars for the project were carved by Anastazija, Sonja and Marko.
Sirion, Derenčinova 1, Zagreb, tel:01-455 3088

During 2002-2003 Marko and Marika Pogačnik have carved 10 lithopuncture pillars along the backbone of Quito, invited by the city's chief architect Diego Carion-Mena. The project is rounded up, currently we are preparing a guide to the lithopuncture stones and their special places.

During last ten years Marko has realised five large lithopuncture stones for different places in Carinthia: Villach, Klagenfurt, South Carinthia, St.Veit an der Glann and "Alpenstern" project that connects Carinthis with Italy, Slovenia and Germany. The projects were done in collaboration with the local authorities.
In 2005 a new project will start on the grounds of LKH, the Central Hospital in Klagenfurt.
Info: Renata Falke, Projektmanagement Natur Kunst Mensch


Do not get stuck with the stability of the physical Earth constitution! As well as human beings, the Earth is also a multidimensional organism composed of:
1. Consciousness consisting of inumerable information units called nature spirits and elemental beings.
2. Vital energy network composed of energy centres (Earth chakras), energy channels (ley-lines, acupuncture meridians) and energy fields (aura)
3. Material body composed of mountains and seas, valley and rivers, plants and animals, also human beings including our cultural creation.
4. Landscape temples which represent the spiritual level of the Earth composed of divine qualities embodied by different places and landscapes.


Leylinie als ein Rhadiastetisches Phanomen
Leylinie als ein Vital-energetischer Organ (Kraft-Leylinie)
Leylinie als ein Trager der Geistigen Information



Based on the principle of multidimensionality, the modern geomanncy is teaching how to perceive landscapes and environments as composed of above mentioned invisible and materialised levels and how to behave accordingly.
(Note that Feng shui is a specific, chineese form of geomancy!) To give an impression of my geomantic work I am showing some drawings of my explorations of certain places, cities and landscapes. Where the vital-energy level is concerned they contain also informations received by Ana Poga~nik (see her home page) from the Angel of Earth healing Devos. The knowledge of modern geomancy can be used in the area of nature protection, landscape and architectural design, planing of motor ways..., Earth healing etc.

Geomantic functiomn of Basilica San Marco in Venice
Geomantic function of Canal Grande in Venice



Since our culture is ignoring the multidimensionality of the Earth and at the same time building and expanding all over the globe, we are destroying the life base of the planet on subtle levels. This realisation led me to create differnt methods of protecting and restoring the invisible levels of life which I simply call Earth healing. It is a kind of alternative to the scientific ecology which is taking care only for the material body of the Earth. With methods similar to acupuncture and homeopathy it is possible to approach the vital, conscious and spiritual levels of a place, a town or a landscape.
(See my book Healing the Heart of the Earth: Restoring the Subtle Levels of Life, Findhorn Press 1998) My work is consciously based on art as alternative to science. Instead of the head-orientated view of the modern science, i try to promote a heart centred approach to the Earth, nature and human being, based on personal experience. Luckily I am an artist with the backgroung of avantgarde art, conceptual art and land-art

Kungalv Landscape temple, Sweden



is similar to acupuncture of the human body. Like the human body, the Earth is a living organism with energy centres and interconnecting veins of energy - which one can understand as acupuncture meridians. By Ňtouching" permanently the acupuncture points of a landscape through stone pillars, it should be possible to get some positive and healing effects upon the respective land.I call the method Ňlithopuncture" - from Ňlithos", Greek for stone, and "punctura", Latin for a stich. Lithopuncture basically means positioning of stone pillars on acupuncture points of a place or a landscape. The pillars have, as a rule, a pattern - a Ňcosmogramme" - carved upon their surface, which reflects the spiritual identity of the corresponding site and brings the consciousness level into the work. In urban environments, where a stone pillar would represent an obstacle, a round bronze plate with an engraved sign is laid into the pavement on the site of an acupuncture point.

Our lithopuncture projects include:
-Lithopuncture of two castle parks in Germany, TŁrnich (1986-89) and Cappenberg (1988-92)
-Lithopuncture of the territory on both sides of the border between North Ireland and Republics of Ireland in Donegal (Orchard Gallery, Derry, 1991-92)
-Lithopuncture of the castle park Murska Sobota, Slovenia (1993-94)
-Lithopuncture project for Atlantis-Mariposa project, Tenerife, Canarian islands (1994)
-Lithopuncture for the cities of Villach (1995) and Klagenfurt (1998), Austria
-Lithopuncture for Rogner-Hundertwasser Baths in Blumau, Austria (1996) ŇStar of the Alps"
-Lithopuncture Project, a cross-border project including acupuncture sites in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy (1997) -Lithopuncture of Circuito das Aguas, Minas Gerais, Brasil (1998)
-Lithopuncture of the Seeland landscape near Berne, Switherland (1998-99)
- Litopuncture project on the both sides of the border between Austria and Slovenia at Bleiburg/Ravne, Galerie Falke Loibach (1999-2000)
- Lithopuncture project in Bad Radkesburg, Austria 2001

HAGIA CHORA, School for Geomancy

Marko Pogacnik is teaching in german language at the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy located at MŁhldorf, Germany. Together with two other colegues he is teaching a two-years course in the fields of Earth healing, geomantic nature protection and landscape design.
Adress: Hagia Chora, Am Innpark 1, D-84453 MŁhldorf
tel: oo49-8631- 379633, fax:...379634