The bloody Axis of life will take you with the help of Hitchcock , the partisans and the nazi collaborators domobrans to the ex-Yugoslavian territory. With Frantisek Cap, once Czech film director and his Slovenian film production Moments of decisions, be my guest, take a lift to the reconstructed Eisenstein or to the dead fields of the present - to Vukovar, the Croatian ghost city near the Serbian border. Or maybe you would like to jump in the life of the great Russian suprematist artist Malevich and take part at Malevich's funeral or have a chat with a Japanese beauty obsessed with names? You want more - the Labyrinthine Striptease or the Opera singer? The woman who constantly talks with violin music under a burning cross? Have you queued up for the virtual bread or a kiss - it doesn't matter if it's a remake of Benetton's. Maybe you want to embrace Hitler laying in the coffin full of roses. We are all idiots - LIFE is a very simple program, a special algorythm! Yes, we are obsessed with History, Geography, Sex and Body. Our coitus interruptus is the love affair of Mao Zedong with neck ties, and Theda Barra drinking poison. As a possible killer or a rapist you can run with us to Antarctica and spend all your remaining life steering the snow. To hell with Hitler, with monkeys, fishes... Every war has its medium.