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Soros Center for Contemporary Art - Ljubljana
Member of the SCCA Network (1993-2000)

During these years the Center operated as one of the Open Society Institute - Slovenia programs devoted to visual arts and media. It was linked to similar Soros centers operating in 19 countries within the Region (Central and Eastern Europe and the newly formed countries of the former Soviet Union), which together formed the SCCA Network (Soros Centers for Contemporary Arts Network). Besides its grant program, it also carried out a range of operational national and network programs as well as its own projects (Urbanaria, Media in Media, etc.). The Center's projects and exhibitions were aimed at presenting and developing contemporary visual art production and bringing exposure to the creativity, themes, and methods lacking on the Slovene art scene.

In 1999 and 2000, following the restructuring of the Soros Fondations, all Soros Centers for Contemporary Arts started to become independent and have transformed into non-governmental organisations under the membership of the new association ICAN (International Contemporary Art Network) based in Amsterdam.
The Soros Center in Ljubljana has registered as a non-profit SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana (in short: SCCA-Ljubljana).


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SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana (SCCA-Ljubljana) is a non-profit organisation, a constitutive member of ICAN (International Contemporary Art Network) based in Amsterdam. It functions as a production, research and educational centre with a publicly accessible service platform.

On the basis of rich experiences and contacts with western and eastern countries, especially from the Region, the Center cooperates with a number of international partner organisations, such as Open Society Institute: Arts & Culture Network Programs based in Budapest, CEC (Citizens Exchange Council) in New York, CAMN in Tbilisi, Oracle in Brussels and Network of Non-Formal Education in Vienna and Belgrade.

Our objective is to produce, stimulate and mediate innovative artistic and interpretative practices and to encourage international links between the protagonists of the world of art.
We equip participants and users of contemporary art (artists, curators, critics, audience) with knowledge, tools and skills necessary for independent and conscious operation within the art system. In cooperation with the civil society groups and individuals, we situate artistic practice and production into the actual social milieu and happenings.

We develop, perform and publish:

Artistic projects and activities based on links with local and international protagonists outside of the established frame:

Internet Portfolio

Publications as a contribution to theory in the field of contemporary art:

Žepna Pocket Edition

Educational and research programmes, which preserve historic memory, bring an insight into the operation of the art system and encourage critical thought:

World of Art
Manifesta in our Backyard

Information, documentation, archive service activities, which encourage (international) cooperation, usage of media and internet tools and contribute to a more flexible and indipendant operation.

Video and portfolio archives

We coordinate:

International programs that encourage and enable cooperation within the Region (Eastern and Central Europe, and former Soviet Union) and between the American and Slovene non-governmental organisations and individuals:

Cultural Link
Cultural Policy
Bridge of Understanding

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SCCA - LJUBLJANA scca@mail.ljudmila.org









DUŠAN DOVČ dusan.dovc@mail.ljudmila.org
JANI PIRNAT jani.pirnat@mail.ljudmila.org
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Metelkova 6, Slovenia – 1000 Ljubljana,
tel: **386 (0) 1 431 83 85/ fax: **386 (0) 1 430 06 29
e-mail: scca@mail.ljudmila.org

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