West Side Story
Galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec, 1994

"The Glass Cube in the White Cube" could be another title of the West Side Story installation, since both parts of the installation (West Side Story - Pythagoras and West Side Story - Africa) expose a showcase with selected artifacts as the "micro-ethno-sphere" - as a glass cube which aimes to define life, or to set the limit of the real.

This installation is marked by the use of (intrinsic) elements of museum equipement which is a component of the apparatus of teh exhibition. The central part of the West Side Story - Africa installation presents a fragment of Tretjak's African collection, owned by the city.

Used material:
glass, cases, cactuses, models of the Pythagorean theorem, gallery stands, gallery chairs, paintings, Tretjak's African collection.