• Leon was born on 12 March in Jesenice, Slovenia. His father Nezir came from Kosovo and his mother Fila from Macedonia.
• Leon was four days old when his mother took him to Koãani in Macedonia. The train journey lasted over 30 hours. Leon stayed in Macedonia.
• Nezir and Fila moved to Maribor. He was a worker and she a charwoman. Leon was three months old when his relatives from Macedonia sent him to join his parents.
• When Fila was on duty, Nezir used to silence the crying baby by beating him up and stuffing toilet paper into his mouth.
• Fila’s sister from Jesenice came unexpectedly for a visit, found beaten-up Leon and took him with her to Jesenice.
• Nezir’s relatives took Leon to Kosovo where he stayed some two or three months, and then Fila’s relatives took him to Macedonia. Because of the large distance it was very rarely that his mother visited him.

• Nezir and Fila moved to Bled.

• Nezir and Fila moved to Celje, and Leon, now two years old, returned to his parents. Nezir often beat Leon with a fishing rod. Leon was sent to a foster home in Frankolovo, a village 15 km from Celje, where he stayed several months. Later, his father’s brother took him to Kosovo, and then his mother’s relatives took him to Macedonia.
• Fila got pregnant. Nezir did not want the child, but only allowed Fila to abort when the foetus was already six months and a half old. A quack doctor in Skopje in Macedonia did the abortion for 4,500 DEM.

• Leon returned to Celje and started attending the primary school. Nezir was very harsh and beat both Leon and Fila. He taught Leon to hit his mother.

• Nezir and Fila divorced, but went on to live together. He worked in the Cinkarna chemical factory, while she lost her job. Leon was sent to a foster home in ·martno in Rosental. He quitted school and was then sent to Macedonia, where he stayed a few months and then returned to Slovenia. The street became his home.

• Leon was committed to the VerÏej reform school. As a ten-year old boy he often expressed a wish to die. The death of his uncle from Macedonia, who had just become father to a son, affected him very much. He said: "Why it wasn’t me who died instead?" He was sent to a psychiatric clinic in Zagreb, but was released after a few days.
• Leon attended school in Macedonia. He heavily burnt his head.
• Fila got a job and lost it again; she has been unemployed ever since.

• Leon returned to Celje, but the social welfare service sent him to the reform school in Smlednik in the Upper Carniola region.

• Nezir was granted a one-bedroom apartment.
• Leon ran away from the school; he did not join his father or his mother, however, but lived and slept on the street. One cold autumn night the police found him and took him – against his will – to his father, who beat him up very badly. Three days later, on 21 December, at around 11 PM, Nezir beat Fila and Leon. Leon stabbed him several times with a kitchen knife, to death. Nezir was buried in Kosovo. Fila and Leon spent several days under observation in the psychiatric clinics in Vojnik and Ljubljana.

• Kept in the Smlednik reform school, Leon attempted suicide for the first time. Later he will try to make suicide at least twenty times more.
• The war in Slovenia lasted only ten days. The Slovene authorities put Leon five times onto the aeroplane for Macedonia, but he always came back, the last time on foot passing through the war territory in Bosnia.

• Leon lived in the reform institution in Radeãe. He gravely beat a fellow boarder and broke up the living room.
• He started taking hard drugs, and criminal offences became a part of his life.

• Leon lived alone in a humble apartment leased by his mother.

• Fila returned, and they lived together by means of her modest pension. Leon was frequently oppressive to her.

• Leon tried to give up drugs in communes in Italy and Spain, but did not succeed.
• He finished a night primary school with success. He wanted to get a job, but the surroundings rejected him. He was still taking methadone and heroin.

2001 – February
• Leon still has problems both with drugs and his mother. Fila moves away.
• Leon prepares himself for a visit of his girlfriend from Macedonia. He paints the apartment.