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SGS - Slovenian Gay Sites

Welcome at the archived pages of SGS!Please note that these pages are no longer maintained, and are kept alive for archiving purposes only.
Private data has been deleted. Login and new registrations are no longer possible.

 Ljubljana Pride Parade 2007
Kaj dogaja - Happenings The main event of this year's Ljubljana Pride Parade, under the slogan Forward with Pride, will take place on Saturday, June 30 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Organiser's of this year's pride are DIH and Legebitra.
Posted by andrej on Friday, June 22 (2704 reads)
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 Eurogames 2007
Kaj dogaja - Happenings This summer between July 12 and 15, Antwerp, Belgium will host the 11th Eurogames.

There are 11 sports to choose from (Badminton, Bowling, Dancing, Field Hockey, Football/Soccer, Golf, Running, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling) and demo sport Thai boxing in which amateur and recreational as well as professional gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender, intersex and queer athletes from entire Europe and beyond will compete.
Posted by andrej on Sunday, January 28 (3185 reads)
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 Your input is needed
O SGS - About SGS It seems that the website is about to get updated. I kindly ask you for your feedback, in particular:
- what you like about the current site
- what you would like to see on the new website

ALL wishes and comments will be read, and the doable features and those with enough interest or inovativity will be realised.

Please post your feedback to the forum; and by the end of the year a more specific questionnaire will be set, including more specific questions.
Posted by andrej on Sunday, December 10 (3196 reads)
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 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Kaj dogaja - Happenings The 22nd Gay and Lesbian Film festival will take place from December 2 to 10 in Ljubljana, Celje and Koper. The festival is considered the oldest of the kind in Europe, and will offer free day of film shows; while offering a rich repetroar of films. We are inviting you to see them!
Posted by andrej on Sunday, November 05 (3482 reads)
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 New season
Kaj dogaja - Happenings With Spetember and October a new season has started with most Slovenian LGBTIQ organisations. Beside the regular activities you will also find the Gay and lesbian film festival, Pride Parade, International LGBT bowling tournament, etc.
Posted by andrej on Sunday, November 05 (3118 reads)
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 Slovenian Pride Parade 2006
Kaj dogaja - Happenings The organisers are preparing the 6th Slovenian Pride Parade for Saturday, July 1, 2006. The parade is accompanied by additional programme, which will start in the last week of June, and end with the 3rd International gay and lesbian bowling tournament. The slogan of this year's parade is Enough! Let's drop the masks!. In the weeks before the parade do not forget about the protest drinking of mineral water, which will take place in Cafe Galerija in Ljubljana on Thursday, June 8, 2006 at 8 PM.
Posted by andrej on Sunday, June 04 (3549 reads)
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 Exhibition Homocaust
Kaj dogaja - Happenings DIH - Slovenian association for integration of homosexuality prepared an exhibition entitled Homocaust - the forgotten eradication of homosexuals in cooperation of Arcigay, Italian gay association. The exhibition opened on January 27, which the General Assembly of the United Nations proclared the Rememberance Day in honour of the holocaust victims.
Posted by andrej on Thursday, February 02 (3755 reads)
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 21st Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Kaj dogaja - Happenings 21st Gay and Lesbian Film Festival will take place between November 26 and December 4 2005 in Ljubljana, Celje and Koper. The Slovenian festival of Gay and lesbian film festival is the oldest of the kind in Europe. In the twenty-year-history it has played an important role of emancipation of so-called new social movements of the eighties, and of awakening the social and aesthetic consciousness of both gay and general population.
Posted by andrej on Monday, November 07 (4103 reads)
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 New season
Splošne informacije - General Info The beginning of new school year and the upcoming start of the new university school year are - as usually - an announcement of the beginning of the new LGBTIQ season. Activities are being offered by organisations and associations from Pomurje, Maribor, Ljubljana, to Koper, and we have already gained a new Slovenian gay monthly - 1XY.
Posted by andrej on Saturday, September 17 (3435 reads)
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Splošne informacije - General Info Slovenian Members of the Parliament have passed the legislation on same-sex partnership on June 22, 2005. Unfortunately, the legislation is very discriminatory and does not offer even minimal rights to same-sex couples.
More in Slovenian only for the time being...
Posted by andrej on Tuesday, June 28 (3207 reads)
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