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Larger than life is just the right size.
Noxeema Jackson, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 - 1834)  Our own heart, and not other men's opinion, forms our true honor. 
Sandra Gangel, Beautiful Thing  There is, actually, Ste. There's an island in the Mediterranean called Lesbian, and all its inhabitants are dykes. 
Satan & Saddam Hussein, South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut  Satan: How come you always want to make love to me from behind? Is it because you want to pretend I'm somebody else?
Saddam: Satan, your ass is gigantic and red. Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?
Satan & Saddam Hussein, South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut  [In bed together]
Satan: Is sex the only thing that matters to you?
Saddam: I love you.
Scott Favor & Mike Waters, My Own Private Idaho  Scott: It's when you start doing things for free, that you start to grow wings. Isn't that right, Mike.
Mike: What?
Scott: Wings, Michael. You grow wings, and become a fairy.
Scott Favor, My Own Private Idaho  Why, you wouldn't even look at a clock unless hours were lines of coke, dials looked like the signs of gay bars, or time itself was a fair hustler in black leather. 
Scott Favor, My Own Private Idaho  When you wake up, wipe the slugs off your face. Be ready for a new day! 
Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)  What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult. 
Slovenian Proverb  Speak the truth, but leave immediately after. 
Sophocles (496 BC - 406 BC)  Ignorant men don't know what good they hold in their hands until they've flung it away. 
Spanish Proverb  Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. 
Stacey & Carter Heywood, Spin City  Stacey: Carter, act like my boyfriend.
Carter: Sorry, I don't have time to buy a Camero and alienate your parents.
Stan Marsh & Eric Cartman, South Park  Stan: You guys, I'm getting that John Ellway football helmet for Christmas.
Cartman: How do you know?
Stan: 'Cause I looked in my parents' closet last night.
Cartman: Yeah, well I sneaked around my mum's closet too and saw what I'm getting. The Ultravibe Pleasure 2000.
Stan: What's that?
Cartman: I don't know but it sounds pretty sweet.
Sterling, Jeffrey  [putting on a red shawl]
Can I do this, or will I look like some sort of gay superhero?
Steven Carter, Get Real  It's only love. What's everyone so scared of? 
Stuart & Alex, Threesome  Stuart: Straight sex is better than gay sex, it's written in the Bible.
Alex: Is that in the King James or the New World Edition?
Stuart Bondek, Spin City  This is New York. You can't swing a mesh tank top without hitting a gay guy. 
Stuart Bondek, Spin City  Oh take it outta hyper-gay! 
Stuart, Threesome  Sex is kinda like pizza. When it's bad, it's still pretty good. 
Stuart, Threesome  I'm telling you. If you don't have sex soon, you dick is going to shrivel up and go inside your body. Then what do you have? A vagina. 
Sydney Andrews Mancini Field, Melrose Place  Adios, you fruitcakes! 
Tasleem Ahmed  It has been proven that the pig is the only homosexual animal. As this perversion is most prevalent in pork-eating nations, it is obvious that it gets into your genes through the meat. 
Taxi Driver & Giles De'Ath, Love and Death on Long Island  Driver: The sign says "no smoking."
Giles: No, the sign says "thank you for not smoking." As I am smoking, I don't expect to be thanked.
Terence (185 BC - 159 BC)  So many men so many questions. 
Terrance & Philip, South Park  Terrance: Wow, Scott really hates us Phillip.
Phillip: Yes, perhaps he's homophobic.
Terrance: But we're not gay, Phillip.
Phillip: We're not?

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