What can I say about myself?

I am a 22-year old student, 180 cm tall and weight 65 kg. I have greenish blue eyes and (usually) short dark brown hair. My name is Andrej and my nickname I am currently using on the web is cuteguy (OK, a bit narcissistic, I admit). Anyways, you can see the picture of me on the right…

I'm very keen on traveling so I spend a lot of my time and money pursuing this. I never regret spending the money on traveling because I believe I always end up with more than I have invested in. I really can't picture my life without my boyfriend, traveling, and internet. I'm also a specialist in spending money. I don't have it a lot so this becomes a problem from time to time. I keep comforting myself that love, friendship and other virtues are those that really matter in life. Besides adoring my boyfriend I also spend a lot of my time on the net (obviously) - besides my other hobbies I also design webpages.

I realized the fact I like boys to girls quiet early and it was also quite early when I started experimenting with other boys. After a while, other guys started dating (girls) but I stayed lonely (and depressed). I couldn't share my problems with anybody. I answered some personal adds but I mostly got disappointment and nothing else. When I got my first multimedia PC with internet connection my life changed. IRC, NetMeeting, ICQ and other programs suited my needs to relax, chat, cyber-sex etc perfectly. I also created my first gay email account then - then. For the purposes of maintaining these pages, I've created another one:

Me and my sweethartI have a steady boyfriend for quite some time now (almost 4 years). He is the same age as me (22) and I spend most of my time with him. If he behaves, I even take him with me on my trips. If he's bad, that's his punishment :) If you are wondering how we met - Personals. It's not very romantic (nor safe!) but I'm glad we've met. We love each other very much, but we also have our disputes which usually last for some minutes only. Then the hugging, apologizing, having sex follows (I just love this part).

Our sex life is very diverse. Although we don't live together yet (I'm hoping that will change soon) we see each other almost every day and it's almost a rule we have sex every time we are together. That requires a lot of flexibility and improvisation (mainly about WHERE but I guess that question isn't a stranger to any gay). I can't say much more, maybe that my boyfriend is mostly a bottom and I'm a top.

If you have any questions, suggestions or you just feel an urgent need to contact me, there are 3 different ways to contact me.

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