A Slovenian Public Opinion Poll on Tolerance

The poll was taken by Delo-Stik, in the international year of tolerance. Results were published in Delo, Apr 15 1995, page 4. The sample size (N) was 609.


  1. Do you think the Slovenes as a nation are tolerant to the different (culturally, religiously, different by language, sexual orientation)?
  2. Yes 62.0%
    No 31.9%
    I dont know 6.1%
  3. What is your opinion about same-sex marriages?
  4. I approve of it 59.6%
    I don't approve of it 12.9%
    I don't care 24.9%
    I don't know 2.6%
  5. To whom of these are you the least tolerant?
  6. Serbs 55.7%
    Drug addicts 51.2%
    Homosexuals 44.3%
    Croats 41.9%
    Gypsies 36.0%
    None of the above 14.1%
  7. Would you mind having a neighbour or a co-worker of other nationality, sexual orientation, tone of skin, life habits etc.?
  8. No 51.1%
  9. Whom of the following would you like to have for a neighbour or a co-worker the least?
  10. Drug addict 37.8%
    Homosexual 31.4%
    Gypsy 17.1%
    Serb 16.7%
    Albanian 13.1%
  11. What bothers you the most about other people?
  12. Different sexual orientation 35.6%
    Different way of dressing and behaving 20.0%
    Different ideological or political beliefs 16.6%
    Different physical appearance 12.8%
    Different religion 10.0%
    None of the above 45.6%
  13. Do you think same-sex partners should be allowed to adopt children?
  14. No 68.3%
    Yes 16.4%
    I don't care 10%
  15. Do you think the government should act against movements based on racism, chauvinism, intolerance towards foreigners, to those with different beliefs etc.?
  16. The problem should be solved by democratic means 63.2%
    The government should prohibit such movements 20.5%
    This is none of government's business 8.2%
    I don't know 6.9%
    Other 1.1%

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