The following article appeared in a Serbian newspaper; it is supposedly about the International Conference on Homosexuality which took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from Aug 23-27. First I was going to capitalize all the sentences which contain no lies at all, but unfortunately I didn't find any. Enjoy!

Congress of homosexuals in Ljubljana

Political elite welcomed fags

The leader of Slovenian homosexuals Brane Mozetič expressed gratitude to prime minister Janez Drnovšek

Slovene homosexuals bitterly remember the first democratic government in their independent state, whose prime minister was christian democrat Lojze Peterle, becuase he prosecuted, sentenced and imprisoned them, and didn't let them have a congress in 1991. With new prime minister Janez Drnovšek everything is more free and obvious, so the leader of all the fags in Slovenia Brane Mozetič visited Drnovšek's personal cabinet for several times. The members of the strongest party - Drnovšek's Liberal Democratic Party (LDS) - advised Mozetič to found a fags' political organisation, which would join them in coalition in case Janez Janša's right wing threatens to win the next elections. This way Roza klub with approximately 32.000 members was founded, and it is said that it has an equal number of sympathisers, who don't want to flaunt their perversions in public. Becuase of that the congress was allowed to take place, and it also received a subvention and was attended by the most respectable members of LDS and government. International congress of homosexuals in Ljubljana from August 22 till August 28 was opened by a famous German fag Ira Kormannshaus, who immediately passed his microphone to the president of the Slovenian parliament Jožef Školc. Dr. Janez Drnovšek, dr. Slavko Gaber, minister of education, Sergij Pelhan, minister of culture, Sonja Lokar, the president of women's forum, dr. Spomenka Hribar, dr. Pavle Gantar, minister of tourism, dr. Dimitrije Rupel, mayor of Ljubljana, Štefica Kučan, the first lady of Slovenia, etc, who sat in the first row of the big hall of ex Yugoslav army's barracks "Metelkova", joined the discussion.

The president of Roza klub and the editor of government-subventioned magazine "Revolver", the poet Brane Mozetič, who publicly thanked the chief of the ruling party and the prime minister of the new European Slovenia, once came on a national TV's broadcast with his "husband" and explained to Slovenes how his life would be pointless if he didn't have the young man with whom he had lived for 10 years. And if archbishop Alojz Šuštar's church hierarchy allowed it, he would formally marry a same-sex person. The moderator of the broadcast, dr. Manca Košir, who is a member of lesbian group "Lilit", gave additional confidence to Slovenes, saying that with politicians like Janez Drnovšek and Milan Kučan there is no discrimination and inequality. The only thing that happened these days was that Ljubljana skinheads, while saluting to Adolf Hitler, bashed members of London organisation for human rights "Amnesty International", so Kučan had to change his plans and go appologizing to the boss of the organisation. Skinheads hate Negros, Indians, Gypsies, Turks, Chinese and especially fags walking around, so Mozetič asked for police protection, and he got - beside the protection for approximately 500 foreign guests of this congress and government subvention - also a permission to found twenty-something sections.

 D. Petrovič

The reality is a bit different. Gay sex was decriminalized in 1974, so Lojze Peterle wasn't able to prosecute gays, even if he wanted to. Roza klub was founded in 1990 - a few years before Drnovšek became prime minister, and it was founded without outsiders' initiative. It has 200 - 300 members, and I strongly doubt it has 32.000 sympathisers. Government didn't give us any money for the conference (although government's Office for Youth did, but they didn't expect anything in return). No member of LDS or government attended the conference (although there was the vice-president of the parliament dr. Lev Kreft - not a member of LDS). Even the dates of the conference are wrong: it started on August 23 (not 22) and ended on August 27 (not 28). Ira Kormannshaus may be famous, but **she** is definately not a fag. Jožef Školc, Janez Drnovšek, Slavko Gaber, Sergij Pelhan, Spomenka Hribar, Pavle Gantar, Dimitrij Rupel and Štefka Kučan didn't show up at the conference at any time (although we wouldn't mind if they did). And I can only dream of us having (besides 32.000 members) "the big hall" in ex army barracks - unfortunately we only have two rooms, which are definately not oversized.

"Revolver" is Roza klub's magazine and it's not state-subventioned. I don't recall Brane Mozetič ever thanking Drnovšek and I don't find it very possible. As far as I know, Manca Košir is not a member of Lilit, and Lilit is not a lesbian, but a feminist group (LL is lesbian group).

One thing that is true - unfortunately - is that skinheads really did bash some members of Amnesty International during AI's conference here in Ljubljana, but I'm not sure how the "reporter" found out that they saluted to Adolf Hitler first (I wouldn't find it surprising, but still, I think that the "journalist" did too much of guess-work and he didn't guess very well).

Also, there was no police protection for the 6 foreign guests (494 less than the "report" says), and government gave no permission to found twenty-something gay sections because AFAIK, this is not in their jurisdiction (freedom of speech, assembly, etc).

Besides all the lies and half-truths, the cultural level of the "journalist" can easily be deduced from his vocabulary. When was the last time you saw the word "fag" in your newspaper?

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