The FOURKLOR physical theatre is characterised by natural movement, defined by choreography. Its moveable dictionary is filled with the balancing and play of body weight. The group members stick to the rule “less is more”, and above all they know what they don’t want.

Debut: Who drew a ski jump for Mr. Stanko, 1994.
Premiere: 2nd Dec. 1994.
Performed in Maribor, Ljubljana, Koper (SLO), Prague (CZ), Hamburg (D), Leipzig (D).

“The performance, Branko Potocan’s first work, in its atmosphere is an idyllic winter poem. It takes us from daily life and occupations, through fun, sport and entertainment, to delicate and in moments unsolvable situations and challenges, which sometimes end in a grotesque and absurd way.
The basic characteristic of the performance is movement: worked out physical movement enriched by jumps as the element of challenge, daring, risk, frailty, self-control, self-dependance, self-examination, suspens...
Rough, often bone-breaking restraint of movements with ropes or hands doesn't presents only the power, skills and enormous strain. "Stanko" is a humorous story about the sensitive period of transition from jumping trainings, polkas, “spitz-hosen” and flannel shirts to ironed trousers, dark sunglasses, polyester shirts and polished shoes.“

2nd production: Do I Dream the Memory Or Do I Remember the Dream, 1996. Premiere: 7 May 1996.

“When the memory reaches in our dreams and when the dreams steal from the memory... a girl fills another glass of wine.”

“Perhaps I’m a bit exaggerating, but nevertheless: Did we get the Slovene dancing Amarcord?”
Neja Kos, Exodos, Spomini in sanje, Slovenec