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Anke Feuchtenberger

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Anke Feuchtenberger
Year of birth: 1963
Colour of eyes: green
Most important publications: Die Hure H, Reprodukt 1996; Das Haus , Reprodukt, 2000; Die Hure H zieht ihre Bahnen, Edition Moderne 2004;
Quando muore il mio cane mi faccio una giacca, Coconino 2005; Anke Feuchtenberger, Monography, chinese publisher, 2005; and 11 other books
Most important exhibitions: Goetheinstitut, Paris, 1993; Plakatmuseum, Niederrhein, 1995; Westwerk, Hamburg, 2000; D 406 Galleria Arte Contemporanea, Modena, 2004
Prizes/awards: award: E.O.Plauen, 1997; Icograda Award, 2004
Motto: attention
Future plans/ambitions: I would like to have a big studio, were i could create sculptures
source of inspiration: Watching children, animals, reading books, analysing situations
Favourite dish: salads
In couple of sentences describe a human fish: I imagine a human fish is like the Caliban of the theatreplay "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare