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Matthias Lehmann

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Matthias Lehmann
Year of birth: 1978
Colour of eyes: I guess it's brown(some say green).
Most important publications / exhibitions: my book "L'étouffeur de la rn115" (éditions actes sud bd), January 2006.
Prizes/awards: Best melancholic author 2005
Motto: I should do something else
Future plans / ambitions: Be normal
Source of inspiration: The upcoming death, obviously.
Favourite dish: Unh? I love food. I can't make a choice! Maybe strogonoff chicken
In couple of sentences describe a human fish: As a matter of fact i have seen one yesterday and it has the head of a fish and the body of a human being and also this very weird fluorescent tail... Yuck, i don't want to know what the hell is that shit!