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Milorad Krstic

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Milorad Krstic
Year of birth: 1952
Colour of eyes: dark brown
Most important publications/exhibitions: CD-ROM “Das Anatomische Theater”, animated film “My Baby Left Me”, Budapest Photoalblum (published by Magyar Könyvklub),  catalogue “American Dream”, documentary film “Budapest”, exhibitions of paintings: Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Oudehaske, (Holland), Budapest, Kaposvar, Szeged, Györ. Comics  published in  magazines Stripburger, Lapin.
Prizes/awards: Silver Bear Award at 45. International Berlin Film Festival 1995, for short film; The Best First Film Award at International Festival for Animated Films „Annecy 1995”; The Highest level of visual forms  -The Best First Film and Film- and TV- Critics Award at International Festival for Animated Films „Kecskemet 1996; Prize of the MEDIAWAVE Foundation, Gyor 1996; MIFA award for The Best Interactive Project, Annecy 1999 for CD-ROM „ Das Anatomische Theater”
Motto: “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Future plans/ambitions: To find publishers for my book “Das Anatomische Theater” (un illustrated encyclopedia of the 20th century) and for children picture book “The Adventures of Liam Grant”. I also hope I’ll have some exhibitions of my multimedia project “Das Anatomische Theater” - Simultaneous Games of the 20th Century (paintings, drawings, posters, leaflets, video, CD-ROM, music).
< style="font-family: tahoma;">Source of inspiration: < style="font-family: tahoma;">Compte de Lautréamont, Alfred Jarry, Cabaret Voltaire, Bertolt Brecht and George W. Bush (among others).
Favourite dish: After 50 years of refusing to even taste spinach, I now find it delicious.
In couple of sentences describe a human fish: On our planet, in a small country named Slovenia, there is a fish called “human fish” which is not just mute, but also blind. This fish is mute and blind because it knows everything.