Both Estonian artists (Albert Gulk and Ilmar Kruusamae) presented in this issue are members of an avant-garde group of painters called the Kursi school. The school was founded in the spring of 1988 by four artists from the city of Tartu, each of them having his own character, mission, a capacity for development and a wish to break through. Their first exhibit was held in Moscow, the capitol of the great homeland, and it made them famous. After that there followed a chain of successful exhibits at home in Estonia; the most important being the one held in the artists' house, an exhibit that shocked all Tartu. Three years later the Days of the Kursi School began in Tartu. It became a major cultural event, which culminated with the opening of exhibits of the Kursi school in the Tallinn Art Hall. The Kursi School held major exhibits throughout the world, including Hawaii and Australia. As they say of themselves: "Kursi school is everywhere. The function of the Kursi school is an endless play in art. The Kursi school is everlasting." Apart from the above-mentioned group, there seems to be no other comics activity in Estonia.

Jure Meden