by Saulius Krušna (


Nothing positive happened since first Stripburek. Just Disney and Warner Bros comics magazines. 

"Balionas" became an e-zine ( Another site was also set up by this other guy ( The science fiction magazine "Imperija" ( with its old crew from the comics magazine "Bus Dar" promised to publish comics. But they didn't keep their promise. Comics are still seen by critics and the public as media for kids. 

Aha, one thing worthy of attention: "Gintaro kelias" (= "The Amber Way", a historical epic that takes place in late Antiquity and features Romans and ancient Baltic peoples, artistically mimics Hermann and Rosinski, apparently an English version has also been published  - Ignac G.) and comics about Indians were published in hardcover and with no success among readers (all written by Lithuanian authors). Comics strips as Hagar, Ernie etc. disappeared from newspapers (even pulp). Old comic strips such as Mikas Ridikas are over. Just one strip from Herta Matulionyte in the paper "Kauno diena" is still being published. Lithuania’s comics scene sucks. I have no optimistic prognoses to give you.