STRIP CORE is a part of the FORUM LJUBLJANA Institute for Art and Culture in Ljubljana, which unites numerous artists working on various fields of art - fine art, music, video, performances. 

STRIP CORE was founded in November 1989 on the initiative of young artists previously working in the Hard Core Kolektiv (HCK), which was disbanded in October 1989. While the members of STRIP CORE continue the tradition of HCK activities, e.g. organisation of concerts and multimedia events, the new emphasis has been laid on their own art production. In the first decade the STRIP CORE laid emphases mostly on its graffiti production, design, video and music (yet defunked 2227). Lately the Strip Core production is mostly represneted with photos by Damjan Kocjancic, colagges and cinetical lights by Terrah, comics, experimental films and sculptures by Andrej Stular and Media Teror's installations. 

STRIP CORE functions also as a publisher and producer. It releases and produces mostly art works by members of STRIP CORE - such as records by 2227, videoclips for 2227 songs and the STRIP CORE 1989-95 catalogue covering all fields of STRIP CORE activity (postcards with graffiti, posters...), Terrah's book Triptih, Andrej Stulars comics album Lustri and Damjan Kocjancic's catalogue of the Face exhibition. From 1992 STRIP CORE has also been publishing Stripburger, a publication following the concept of underground comic strip magazine. 

STRIP CORE has also been organising concerts, exhibitions and multimedia events. From September 1993 to Feb. 1995 STRIP CORE was a programmer of the Channel Zero club in the Metelkova former barracks squat in Ljubljana. Currently STRIP CORE is mostly concentrated on the organisation of events presenting the activity of its members.