Ave gratio Pleno


Nazaj v

"An old woman was so terribly nosy that she dropped through the window, fell down and broke herself. Another old woman leaned through the window and started to stare at the injured, but she was also nosy enough to drop through the window, fall down and broke herself. Next the third old woman dropped through the window, and then the fourth, and the fifth. When the sixth one fell through it, I got tired of looking. I went home and cut out a little coat from an old curtain, and tape it with the adhesive tape. Alea iacta est. Or: costumes sempre the best."

Katarina Staric took part as costum designer in the projects:

Welcome to Purgatory by Arthur Rosenfeld
Ave gratio Pleno by Cis Bierinckx
Kdo je narisal Stanku skakalnico by Fourklor
Sanjam spomina a se spominjam sanj by Fourklor
Komemoracija posusenih solz by Ksenja Hribar

Zdravljica by Damjan Kozole
Vse je pod kontrolo by Metod Pevec
Samotnjaki by Aleksandra Vokac

Nazaj v prihodnost by Marko A. Kovacic