literatura / literature

The cacophony of this world which includes all the exciting and current issues of biogenetics, is set by Sieberer in not so distant future, in some kind of grotesque Megametropolis in which human beings are mere transplants, worthless cog wheels in the dreadful machine of technology and consumer rush. As expected, Sieberer uses urban language for the dialogues (he chooses Ljubljana again) which functions as estranged and aggressive as the whole megalopolis milieu.11

ill. Marko Kociper

ilustracija / illustration:
Marko Kociper

Sherry could easily be observed as a mirror image of author's restless and perpetually wandering spirit. She could be seen as an icon of self-ironising reality that the author modestly set somewhere in the future. But deep inside, he is the only knowing (aside from the quick-witted reader of course) that the cruel pieces of the socalled science fiction are actually already being lived here and now ...
... The mirror of institutions, criticism of the capital, social classes and apparent humanity of people (and not only people), all these are distinctive features of this book. Taking you to a fantasy world full of pleasure, this novel will spontaneously whet your scientific appetites through humor, grotesque and skillful technical vocabulary.12

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