Hiatus, Noise Gate, Rene Biname et les Roues de Secours, Scalpers, Sedition, Fleas & Lice, Trottel, Wreckless Eric, Phased, Aum, Chaos Bastards, Peter jefferies, Mecca Normal, Headache, Portobello Bones, Zion Train, Headbutt, Les Halmas, Condense, Loukoums, Lobe Radianr Dub System, Tragic Roundabout, Cosmic Connexion, Double Nelson, Punish Yourself, J. L. Costes, Headmix, Seasick, LTS, Wasted, Jade, Baiki, Sonny Vincent, Manifesto Jukebox, Domgue, Helectric
released by 
La zone 

This one is featuring recordings from the bands that appeared live on the concert stage of the La Zone (Liege, Belgium) from 1991 to 2001.