Alberto Corradi is a student of Archaeology at the University of Venice. He dedicates most of his time to studying mythological monsters and creatures. These are frequently inspiration for his comics, which have been published in various Italian magazines. He created numerous covers, logotypes and graphic designs for non-governmental organizations and alternative music labels. When he finds the time, he works as a journalist, and as a translator of essays and fiction.

Aleksandar Opacic - junky - alcoholic - gambler - professor at the Caucasus University since the establishment of comics studies department - website:

Aleksandar Zograf alias Sasa Rakezic. His comics cut right into the heart of life in former Yugoslavia. He portrays the region's emotional twisting and impossible conditions in a dark yet amusing manner. In his Dream Watcher (a nickname given to him by Chief Piercing Eyes of the Pan-American Indian Association), Zograf describes “hypnagogic visions” - the haunting imagery that occurs in a state between sleeping and waking (those visions are compiled in self-published booklets titled Hypnagogic Review and Alas! Comics). In 1999 his Bulletins from Serbia appeared, containing e-mails and cartoon strips written during the NATO bombings. This impressive book has been translated into several languages.

Alex Baladi studied literature in Geneve and cinema and video in Paris. He co- operated on magazines such as Psikopat, Le Cheval sans Tęte, P.L.G. and Jade, and he provided illustrations and comics to several journals. Beginning in 1992 several albums of Baladi's work have appeared, such as Monsieur Cru et le Désespoir Euphorique, Contes Maison, Goudron Plumé and Cosmique Tralala. Baladi was also the publisher and author of the fanzines Toujours Content (1994-1996), Rien, and Moins que Rien (both in 1998).

Andrej Stular is a Slovenian artist from Kranj with a strong inclination towards all things experimental. He’s also active in film, sculpturing, puppetry. He published his collection of comics in the album called Lustri, published by Strip Core, Forum Ljubljana. 

António José Lopes is a painter, illustrator, author of comics and cartoons, photographer and poet born in Viseu but living in Almada, Portugal. His comics were published in the Portugese magazines Quadrado, Biblia, Resina, Barata and others. He holds the impressive record of 70 collective exhibitions (paintings, cartoons, comics, illustrations, mail art) in many European countries.

Benoit Goesaert: "I am basically an interior designer, but I'm interested in all other graphic arts too. So last year I started my studies again and met different comic-strip authors; this allowed me to “rediscover” comics. And to draw one on my own. Now I just can't stop! I work in self-production mode under the label Ah Bon Production."

Capucine Latrasse lives in France and has published some of her comics in French publications. Her contribution in Madburger represents her international debut.

Chris Cilla has been self-publishing comix for 13 years. You may have seen his collaboration with Zak Sally in the EXPO 2000 book, or his story Jerome Gaynors Bogus Dead. He drew the strip Swonk with writer Greg Petix in Arizona. He now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Didier Progéas: ”French, draughtsman, scenario writer, at 34 years resounded well, Didier Progéas lives and works, sometimes, in Toulouse. After a rapid excursion three years to the fine art of laughing quoted of Angouleme, it is devoted, in dotted line, with interventions in visual arts before Re to contract the terrible virus of the personal expression. Various small publications are then contacted to come to him to assistance. Thus one finds it among the fine flower of the European press under-ground: Headpress (Manchester), Hopital Brut (Marseilles), Atrabile (Geneva), Jadeweb (cuckoo!) or Stomak (Toulouse). True sleepwalker of the comic strip, Didier develops a poetic writing that surrealism so much the verb would not have disavowed is inventive and rhythmic the narrative original one. More at auteursbd/progeas.html”

Diego Pagani: "My name is Diego Pagani, I'm 28 years old and I live in Italy. From 1996 to 1998 I attended the Comics School in Milan. After having published my works in some Italian fanzines (Plastelina, Orcodrillo and others), I started working as an illustrator and photographer for unknown music bands, who of course couldn't afford to pay me! Because of my critical financial situation I decided to dedicate myself to the other passion of my life: bee-keeping. At the moment, besides my bee-keeping activity, I devote myself to graphic works and I produce a fanzine of my own: Apple Jack."

Dragoljub Mladenovic
NAME: Dragoljub / SURNAME: Mladenovic
MILITARY SERVICE: validated / JOB: no
CURRENT ADDRESS: Zadar, Put Pudarice 11n, HRVATSKA, Bili Brig
BILI BRIG: yes / TELEPHONE NO.: 023 327-324
FAVOURITE SINGER: Posljednji Trubadur

Emil Jurcan & Goran Cvek were born in Pula, Croatia in 1981. They have been collaborating since the 2000 mcdonalds graffiti direct action in Pula. Together they finished 3 comics. In 1998 they tried to start an underground comics gallery in the bunker under their town. The story featured in Madburger was done under the influence of a group therapy session in a state psychiatric institution.

Gomé + Fedi
Gomé (by Fedi):
-Gomé has two left hands
-He can draw in the dark
-He's a choco junky
-He's a cartoon super hero
-He's a human beat box
-He's my number one fan
Fedi (by Gomé):
-Fedi's the mozzy super star
-She speaks cat with a very good accent
-She's the master of aqua kung-fu
-She's a teacher at the University of Magic
-She can play funky beats while cooking spaghetti
-She's my number one fan

Ivan Mitrevski was born in Ljubljana in 1979, where he still lives. Even though he's not a very talented artist (or so he says), he's managed to have his comics published in Stripburger, Zofa, Apokalipsa, Gambuzine, Mycose, Milk and Wodka and a couple of other corny magazines.

Ivana Armanini is a comic artist from Zagreb, that not only draws comics, but also organizes comic distributions, exhibitions, fanzines and likewise. She's known to many comic fans and authors as the most disorganized organizer. Her newest project is the Komikaze internet site. Check it out!

Irena Jukic Pranjic graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Department of Art History in Zagreb. She works as an art pedagogue in primary school and as a fresh mama at home. In her spare time, she works as graphic designer, photographer and comics journalist. Her comics were published in many Croatian fanzines and in the Večernji list daily newspaper. She self-published three fanzines from the series Protuotrov. For her comics she has received awards at the Croatian Comics Saloon and at the Funny Comics Show in Zagreb. She is also the drumer of the Tracy Lords band.

Jacek Fras was born in 1977 in Sieradz, Poland. He draws comics and plays the drums. In 2000 he won the “Alph-Art for young talents” award in Angouleme for the story published in the Stripburek - Comics from the Other Europe anthology. His favorite band is Primus and he's sometimes referred to as Kitek (a small cat).

Jason alias John Arne Saeteroy is one of the most talented and successful European authors. His comics career started when he was only fifteen years old, publishing in a Norwegian magazine. After this magazine folded, Jason stopped making comics for several years, until he entered the Art Academy of Oslo. In 1995, a year after graduating, he published a realistically drawn comic. Two years later, he founded the magazine Mjau Mjau, in which he developed his own style, employing animals as his main characters. Jason moved to Copenhagen, and more recently he has started to move through the rest of Europe, promoting his magazine. Fantagraphics Books published his story Hey, Wait..., which came out in 2001. His latest work is Chhht! published by the Swiss Atrabile.

Jean Bourguignon started actively living in 1972. Much later he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, where he studied illustration. In 1995 he started the self-published comics Fondu, which is lately collected and published by La Cafetiere. His work has appeared in many comics anthologies in France (Jade, PLG, Patate Crue), Holland (Zone 5300), Belgium (Kollectiv) and Slovenia (Stripburger). His latest self-published comic book is titled Les employés du Poulbosch.

Josh Neufeld was born in New York City in 1967 and grew up in San Diego, San Francisco and New York. He has been drawing comics since he was four years old. His earliest comics influences were Hergé (the creator of Tintin), and the Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson issues of Action Comics and Superman. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1989 with an art history degree, and a stint at The Nation magazine, Josh has devoted himself to an art - and comics - career. He makes a living mixing freelance illustration work with Web design and the occasional paying comics gig. He currently lives in Brooklyn. It was after working at The Nation that he and his wife Sari Wilson took off for a backpacking tour of Southeast Asia. Their four months there and the subsequent year they spent in Prague, have been the basis of Josh's travel stories, which form the bulk of his contributions to the alternative comic book Keyhole.

Jyrki Heikkinen: "I'm 41 years old and have been making comics for about 5 years now seriously. You may have seen my works on the pages of Napa, Glömp, Suuri Kurpitsa in Finland."

Kapreles alias Yves Albrechts was born in 1978 in Belgium. He started drawing at the age of five. He first published his work in 1996. Kapreles' illustrations, cartoons and comics have appeared in magazines all over the world, such as Gonzo Circus, Beeldstorm (Belgium), Hôpital Brut (France), Malefact (USA), Mono Grafico (Spain), Stripburger (Slovenia) and Bitterkomix (South Africa). He self-published the following titles: Kapreles in 1996; Kapreles Artware and Kapreles Underwear in 1997; De Illustere Illustrator in 1998 and Something Else in 2000.

Kiza alias Zoran Stojilkovic  was born 31. 12. 1966. in the south Serbian city Niš. His comics were published in: Stripmania, Narodne novine, Grafička zavera, Stripburek... Awards for his comics: first prize at the competition "Srbija-Odiseja 2001" organized by the B92 media company; also first at the "Strip i filharmonija" competition organized by the Belgrade philarmonic orchestra. Kiza is the founder of the comics school at the Open Club in Niš, where he is active in many philanthropic activities.

Koco alias Matej Kocjan is a cartoonist creature, who tries to live out of drawn illusions. He has almost graduated. He is almost an art teacher. But he definitely isn't Mickey Mouse! He is an excellent comics workshop mentor, author and Stripburger magazine editor. His interests in fine arts are evident in his self-published mini silk-screened collection of illustrations entitled Delikatessen.

Letač alias Zoran Jovic is the author of 6 wonderful mini comics and 2 legendary comic books: War Diary in Comics - NATO Bombing Campaign Against Yugoslavia 1999 and From the Other Side of Consciousness. He is also a drummer in a band called NUP.

Madison Clell: “Therapy is finally finished! It took 8 years and countless dollars, but I am now officially “normal”” - from the intro text to Cuckoo Issue #12. For more information about the artist and her Cuckoo comics check

Maicol and Mirco were born in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. The first in 1978 and the second in 1977. They both have a hideous body, because they don't do any sports, but they developed a great passion for comics and contemporary art. Their work has been published in various Italian zines, such as Schizzo, Kerosene, Motorino... Their story “Gioconda fucked up!” was published in the Miniburger special Stripburger edition!

Mac McGill is a contributor to World War 3 Illustrated (Peter Kuper & Seth Tobocman - Publishers). The story “I am having some difficulties” was drawn by him and written by Tauno Bilsted.

Maja Veselinovic was born in Trstenik, she now lives and works in Belgrade. After graduating from the School for Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade, she devoted herself to painting, graphics and in this century mostly comics. Her comics were published in the Noise magazine, Šlic, the Kitchen, Stripburger and Lavirint.

Marcel Ruijters started self-publishing his comics in 1988. On these first creations, with titles like Onbegrijpelijke Verhalen, De Mandrager and Thank God It's Ugly, he co-operated with several other artists, especially Matthias Giesen. His work has been published in several magazines all over the world. He's had many exhibitions, from Terneuzen to Milan, and makes paintings and sculptures as well. Of his extensive oeuvre we specially recommend the Troglodytes #1 and #2 albums. When he sent us the one-pager for Madburger he wrote: "There really was a case of a nuns' monastery in the Middle Ages that turned into a colony of felines. It is often mentioned in studies about mass hysteria."

Marcus Nyblom: “I'm thirty three years old. I went to a couple of art schools around ten years ago, believing that I would become a painter. My interest in comics as a medium of expression was initiated when living in Boston in -85, reading Heavy Metal and especially Raw. Fate made me wander astray, studying anthropology, philosophy (of which I was one of the least capable) and human misery. I actually wrote and finished my first comic in 2000. I've been published once in a fanzine. Influences: Fassbinder, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Hitchcock, Clowes and lots of others. Family: Girlfriend Vaya, three cats. I'm currently working in a comic book shop since two years.”
Marek Turek: “I was born, am still alive but will most probably die in the future. About my comics: it's just a passion - normally I work in a factory (I'm an operator on a glass melting furnace, you know; big flames, high temperature etc., very funny job). I've published a few of my comics in official and unofficial magazines in my country (around 200 pages), comics panels and cartoons in a few newspapers and right now I'm looking for a publisher for my comics series Fastnachtspiel (You have seen my “Escape” in Stripburek, it's part of this story). You can find samples of my work on the Internet (,,”

Marko Turunen
Name: Marko Tapani Turunen
Premiere: 1973, Kotka, Finland
Occupation: artist, illustrator and art teacher for children
Legal status: citizen of Finland without criminal record
Place of residence: Lahti, Finland
Special powers: once Marko split a flying fly in two pieces with a shoelace

Mateuzs Skutnik has spent 26 years drawing comics. Published in most Polish comic magazines, as well throughout Europe (Czech republic, Slovenia, France) and over the world (Mexico, China). Recently be burned his right arm in a fire, but is feeling good and back in action once again. He says: “don't worry about me, check my web site hehehe”.

Matthias Lehmann is the creator of the wonderful Madburger cover and has self-published the zine Rancune comix since 1994/95. His scratched comics have been published in French mags such as Jade and Ferraille, as well as in zines as Le Martien and Rock Hardi and of course in many European comic zines. His 200-page thriller graphic novel with the working title RN115 is almost finished and Matthias is still waiting to find a decent publisher.

Mike Diana was arrested in Florida in 1994 after an undercover cop bought his zine Boiled Angel through the mail. Mike was in jail for 4 days, awaiting arraignment on charges of selling, distributing and advertising pornography. He was on probation for 3 years, his terms included $3000 in fines, he was not allowed to draw, to have contact with minors, was forced to see a psychiatrist and take journalism ethics courses, both at his expense. Under the stress of it all, Mike has remained prolific in a variety of styles, sizes and canvases; contributing to magazines such as Zero Zero, World War III Illustrated....., and having SUPERFLY #2 - an all-Mike Diana comic- put  out by Mike Hunt Publishing. More on:

Mina Zabnikar was born on a hot summer day in 1978. She was a quiet little mouse reading books before becoming a professional fox. Comics are her new love. Recently obsessed with collecting words, things and sweet sugars.

Miroslav Lazendic born on 24. May 1980 in Novi Sad, Serbia. From the age of 5 (when he started drawing) he has been living on the Serbian-Hungarian border in the lowly town of Subotica. In 1997 he seriously engaged himself in the medium of comics to depict social, ecological and psychological themes. He likes to experiment a lot in comics, illustration and design. In 2001 he started a project called Graphic Laboratory Entropija, which aims to gather, activate and promote young creative potentials trough collective activities. Since then they have created a Club of Independent Visual Creators (KNVS), with an independent publishing house ENTROPIJA fanzini. You can find his comics in his own comics fanzine GNOJ (pus) and in anthologies such as Stripburger, Grafička Zavera, Šlic, Lavirint and others… He participated in more then 10 collective comics exhibitions.

Miroslav Nemeth was born in Zagreb in 1968. After he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, he started to publish his comics in various Croatian fanzines and exhibited them on many group happenings. He is one of the editors of the comics fanzine Katakomba.   

Ole Comoll Christensen; His first comic was published in 1981, but it was not until 1991 that he felt he made his breakthrough as a comic artist. A medic by profession, he discovered that his work and his ambitions as an artist do not mix. He made the bold decision to leave his medical career. To make money, he did some translation work for Danish TV, which proved a good practice in writing concise scenarios. He also designed computer games. His first album, Mayday Mysteries, was made in collaboration with writer Niels Sondergaard. In his latest work, Excreta, he draws on his experience as a doctor for seven tales about bodily fluids. It is drawn in an endearingly simplistic, almost naive style. Christensen, now a happy husband and father of 3 gracias, works and lives in Kopenhagen.

Pakito Bolino is a wild graphic artist, comic creator, cinematographer and musician from Marseilles, where he and his wife Caroline Sury, his son Oscar, his neighbour and fellow comic creator Nuvish and other fine people run a silk-screen workshop/publishing house/film studio called Le Dernier Cri. They produce wildly beautiful silk-screened publications (books, posters, the magazine Hopital Brut) and hard-core animated films filled with artwork by various known and unknown art-brut/visionary artists. They will make your eyes pop out, but you won't be sorry.

Richard Suicide: “Born in Montréal in 1961, Richard Suicide was beaten by his father until his dad fell to the floor, asking for another beer. His first drawings were a real worldwide success according to his rubber frog named "gummo". He finally finished art-school at the Uqam-kudjuak county jail and made a few comik-books like the famous Wajlaed psnil-uavk (32.5 copies). He now lives in his castle, near pont Jacques-Cartier, where he is trying to finish his armoured duck secret paintings!”

Rocco Lombardi was born in Formia, Italy in 1973. Brain doped by all sorts of images, a background as a graffiti writer, hardcore punk musician, squat activist, qualified in comic and illustration at International School of Comics of Rome, actually works as an illustrator and decorator, has published his comics and illustrations in publications such as Kerosene, Blue, Stripburger and other ones in Italy. You can see some of his works on the Kerosene site

Tom Hart was born in 1969 in Kingston, NY and has been drawing cartoons since tracing that weird picture of Charlie Brown's head sticking out of the tube of toothpaste in the second grade. Tom won a 1994 Xeric grant for his book, Hutch Owen's Working Hard, featuring his charming but surly antagonistic street “bum”. A book of all the Hutch Owen stories to date was published by Top Shelf Productions in 2001. His non-Hutch material includes The Sands, Banks/Eubanks, New Hat and countless mini-comics. Tom teaches cartooning in New York City where he lives with his freshly married wife and fellow cartoonist, Leela Corman.

Veiko Tammjärv
From: Veiko Tammjärv
To: 001100€ 1111010111®
Subject: me
V3iko Tammjärv (10:50 - 14.06.67) +     Fh9 + Mitsubishi uni pin 0,3 - 0,8 + SCHNEIDER 233 Pentel permanent marker + Staedtler Lumocolor 317 (lightfast) + old Brushes + old Toothbrushes + Chinese Ink + deadline = G4eat c0mics 27ories. I 4m a normal guy fr6m ESTonia. I do not use t66 m4ny w0rds (in my Stor9es and in my L1fe). Bye. Estonia, Tallinn, 12:26 - 8.08.2002, sunny Weather, 23°C .

Vladan Nikolic was born in 1968 in Zrenjanin, where he stil lives and works as a designer. He graduated from the graphic design department at Novi Sad High School. In his comic work he colaborates a lot with writer Aleksandar Pavkovi´c. Aside from comics, he is also active in the fields of painting, illustration and caricature. His comics were published in Zrenjanin, Bumerang, Placebo, Grafička zavera, Bager, Stripburek and  Stripburger and awarded at the comics festivals REX Odiseja: Srbija 2001 in Belgrade and the 2002 Fumetto festival in Luzern. For more information check out

Vuk Palibrk was born in 1987. He lives in Pančevo, a small town near Belgrade. He has been drawing comics since he was about ten years old, and his work has been published in Europe (Stripburger) and Canada (Sunburn) as well as in Serbian comic magazines (Biber). He also publishes his own mini-zine edition Sardine. Aside from that, he is also a member of Aleksandar Zograf's workshop Kuhinja/The Kitchen.

Wostok aka Mediocre alias Danilo Milošev burned all of his original drawings in 1985; he continued to draw until 1988, when he burned them again. Today he is drawing and writing like never before. He self-publishes a fanzine called Krpelj (Wood-thick) and his comics have been published in various comic zines as well as in real magazines. He tried to force his daughter to collaborate on his comics, but she rebelled and now he is collaborating with his father. When he isn't working on his comics, he makes low-fi movies featuring local weirdoes from his hometown Vršac. In collaboration with Grabowski and Sasha Mihajlowich, Wostok recently published the comic album Poposhak and Flower (with an introduction by Jim Woodring). International publishers are welcome to check it out! 

Ziga Aljaz is a fresh member of the Stripburger team. His goal is to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, but he failed for the second time this year. More into computer graphics lately, which can also be seen in his comic style.

Claudio Parentela is a regular guest in international underground circles (Fagorgo, Topaz, Helter Skelter, White Buffalo Gazette, Stripburger). His comics are renowned for their "graphic/painting escapades". Parentela also writes poetry and makes Mail Art.
Lucie Markvartova is a member of RIZOTO - a group of illustrators, designers and cosmic cowboys (one never knows, who is who) 
Maud Cressely lived in a French village called Les Riceys in the south of Champagne, until she was 18. A nice place to live, but a cultural desert as well, so just to try something different, she decided to move to Brussels and study comics. She liked both, so she stayed. After graduating at the St. Luc Institute in 2000, she started the comics fanzine Lapsus with a group of friends. 
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas lives in Vancouver BC, but regularly visits his island home west of Canada and south of Alaska (137 west and 54 degrees north). There on a very isolated island amongst the last standing totem poles he is sketching out his stories. After contacting environmental groups, he completed a 42-page full color album that is closely related to the problem of the logging of a 10,000 years old forest. This illustration is from his debut album A Tale of Two Shamans. More on his work at: 
Teresa Camara Pestana is the fine artist and editor of the fresh Portuguese comix fanzine called Gambuzine. She is looking for new authors all the time and she speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and English, so you can send her your comics and she will translate them for you in Portuguese!
Benjamin Monti is a very young and even more talented illustrator/comic artist from Liege. His comics were first appreciated and published in the beautiful fanzine called Mycose. Soon afterwards he self published his first comic with the title Noyade - a collection of illustrations and comics for a story by Lieutenant-Colonel Lartigue on drowning accidents.
Leyla Majeri is one of the many fine comics artists and illustrators of Montreal. She is also the publisher of Panique a collection of mini-foldable silk-screened books, which she assembled by hand. Write to her for names of authors and an affordable prize list!
Goran Delic, Emilia Prosot, Lazar Jovanovic - this is the first contribution by the guys and they're still a mystery to us.

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