Stripburger 48


Bendik Kaltenborn in Kristoffer Kjølberg

Dongery is a group of Norwegian non-comic artist making loads of comics. We start every day by going to a jazz club where jazz is long gone. So it's just a club really. There, we gather our thoughts and try to impress each other in horrible ways. Once, Bendik Kaltenborn ripped a cat in pieces and threw it in the fire! Another time, Flu Hartberg walked into Marius Horn Molaug's face and started a small fire, and then he threw a cat into the fire. Sindre W. Goksøyr gave away all of his family's money to the government, and started a very small fire with the receipt he got in return. It was especially horrible later, when he threw a very small cat into the fire and yelled "BLACK DEATH! BLACK PARTY!" Oh my god! That was so horrible. And Kristoffer Kjølberg almost died when he was mistakenly torn to shreds by Anders DaMonso, who thought he was Satan. Later we had some quality soup. It was horrible! Later still, we had a meeting, going over some figures, and threw a cat into a fire. It was a productive meeting indeed.

When on holiday, we usually get along worse than usual. Once Bendik screamed and Kristoffer told him to shut up. Flu is usually just very very sad. Sad and angry.
Sindre has a lot of tempo in him, running like thousands of kitties into a small fire.
Smoke and pain. DaMonso writes postcards to the police, telling them everything we do. When the police communicate, they like to use MSN chat online, so they don't read the postcards! Marius uses his eyes to burn things like small animals. Cats, for example. How they scream! Oh, the holidays are so horrible for us. We don't like it.

Norway is a very good place for comics. There are a lot of hilarious comics in the newspaper, very good quality. In Norwegian, we call this "festlig!". How we laugh! The most common dish here are fish sticks without carrots. The weather is nice, no problem there! Sometimes we read books, and throw them into the fireplace when we are done. All right! Our king is full of life and tempo. He is very, very fast! Not even the police can chat with him, he just runs away. He starts small fires from time to time, very royal fires. Very dangerous guy.

Some people in Norway have trouble sleeping. We don't like that! Getting up in the morning is crucial if you want to stay away from fire. A fire could break out on your pillow and your face would surely burn up, while you are lying there, asleep and screaming. Dreaming is normal. Even king dreams about kittens. And if you want to go surfing, you need waves in the ocean.

If you ever go to Norway, don't dance away your money. Dancing can be quite expensive, you know. Over here, every step costs a small fortune. So don't be shy, come to Norway! Home of the fire and land of the cat.