Eric Braun

Main suspect in Le Complot de Défiguration Narrative, this demented Artoonist has been publishing 106U, an international wordless ArtComix anthology since 1996. The anthology itself is an unpredictable one, since Braün likes to experiment with different mediums to produce his covers(fur, metal, ...). It is still growing page-wise too, up to 90 now. The international aspect is made possible by the rule of wordlessness which allows distribution in many countries(Canada, France, Belgium, USA, Holland, Italy, Germany, UK and Slovenia!!!) and was aped by well known French publishers L'Association for their Comix 2000... Other publications by Braün include his collections of silent sardonic strips, entitled STRIPBOOK.  Published by Les 400 Coups, the two first volumes present Braün's typical iconic characters.