Helena Klakocar

"During my studying at the Academy I was working on comics because of these three reasons : pleasure, financial satisfaction and local fame. It was pleasant to achieve all this by having fun myself and others with stories about a woman-radio, the beer that speaks or crystals that enter human bodies. Since I deal with documentary comics, I have noticed that things have a new dimension, an unexpected "addition". If I find myself in a situation when someone is late with his payment, when he is cynical or just unpleasant... I take out my book, decorated by a red ribbon (of the Alph-Art award) and explain what I am in for. When the person realizes that "I - write - about - and - draw - EVERYTHING - that - happens - to - me - in - my - diary - and - that - it - is - PRINTED - and - OTHERS - can - read - it", the power balance changes. I become the master of the situation. I can imagine only one case when that recipe is not effective: the WAR.  /The moral: In war, the one who attacks does not know shame./ "