Mike Diana

"Born in Geneva, NY on June 5th 1969. Loved art at early age. Moved to Largo, Fla with family in 1979. Never fit into Florida. In school would draw rude, gross comics and pass them around class. In 1988 started making my own zines on copy machines: Angelfuck #1-3, Boiled Angel #1-8. In 1993 got charged with 3 counts obscenity for Boiled Angel #7 and 8. After a 5 day jury trial was found guilty on all 3 counts. Went to jail from courthouse for 4 days becomming the first artist in u.s. history jailed for art. Was given 3 years probation, $3,000 fine, stay 10 feet away from minors, see shrink and 1,800 hours community service work. Ordered not to draw for 3 years and police could make surprise searches of my apt. for art. Now live in New York City since 1996."