Pier Gajewski

"Born 1976 in France. I studied comics at the "Ecole Superieure de l'image" (comics school in Angouleme, France). During those years I've been mainly working on comics theory and in 2000 I released the comics anthology "Ausone" (31 authors in a cardboard box). My aim with that collective was to show "new ways" of how narration can be done and how to transform the classical idioms. During those last years I've also been published in many different comics anthologies: "La Maison qui Pue", Le Mutant" "Au Fil du Nil"... In 2003 I released my first personnal book: Equivox Populi". I'm now Artist in Residence at "La Maison des Auteurs" in Angouleme, where i keeping on making comics."