Rocco Lombardi

Rocco Lombardi was born in Formia in august 1973; he was the mover of the first punk hc bands in his town, both as a screamer and as a drummer; he created the first fanzines, posters, flyers and all that riots in his town underground. Unawarily writer since 1992, he has devoted to comics; later on he has drawn up as an illustrator. In the last two years he has published on various magazines, such as Kerosene, Stripburger, Blue, Scuola di Fumetto, Madburger special edition, X-Comics, Frigidaire, Fumettagenda 2003; besides, he has contributed to the paper special issue of Lamette website, which he collaborates with. He graduated in Illustration and Comics at Rome International Comics School; at the moment working as an illustrator and decorator.