Vladan Nikolic

Born in 1968. in Zrenjanin, where he still lives and works as a designer. His house is standing behind the greatest town Printing-House. In his childhood he was spending a lot of time playing in there. His favorite toy was paper in all his varieties (kunstdruck, hammer, paus, cardboard, natron etc.). And then he discovers a pencil... He graduated from the graphic design department at Novi Sad High School. In his comic work he collaborates a lot with writer Aleksandar Pavkovic (comic strip serials "Little Miserable Worm" and "Mosquito Srki", and several short comics). He also creates his own short comic stories. His comic were published in "Zrenjanin", "Srednje Banatske Novine", "Ulaznica", "Bumerang", "Placebo", "Graficka zavera", "Bager", "Stripburek", "Stripburger" and "Madburger". Aside from comics, he is also active in the fields of painting, illustration and caricature.