Born in Ljubljana in 1963 as the first child of Erika and Branko Zdralo.
First Steps
His first experiment with electricity at the age of two had shocking results. A few days latter, a nail was found in the mains socket.
Advanced Lessons
A few years latter he continued his experimenting with the research of the contents of his favourite ball. One quick cut with his grandmother's scissors, and a devastating effect: THERE WAS NOTHING INSIDE!!!!!! And there was no ball either.
In the Mean Time...
He finished several schools, got thrown out of the army... designed, made and repaired many electronic devices... got a job, got a daughter...
Current Status
He is trying to figure out why a person has to invent another useless electronic TINGL-TANGL (something you can't live without) to get rich. He needs a new ball, remember?
Future Expectation
His introduction of the pocket toothpick incinerator (batteries not included) in the beginning of the 21st century will dramatically improve hygienic standards of the Universe. And finally he will get a big new ball.