Študentsko delavski rock teater v opoziciji   MTT / Mariborski trdi toni - Zvoki Maribora


Maribor: Monofonika, MFLP 003, 2011
Split LP / gramof. plošča, 33 1/3 o/m, stereo

Študentsko delavski rock teater v opoziciji:
Your music ; Sound of Music ; How come ; There is a Mistake (MP3, WAV) ; New World Order (MP3, WAV)

MTT / Mariborski trdi toni - ZVOKI MARIBORA:
Ne vem ; MTT (MP3, WAV) ; Seus ti ; Poj vun ; Potem pa ne ; To ostane ; Dol z bando ; Vino ; Poleg ; Met rad




Študentsko delavski rock teater v opoziciji



This is so stupid. There are many much better musicians than those we see on TV. Those bands after 2000, which are made artificialy famous, have no energy, no sense of music and no feelings. It is so strange. Who made them? Individuals in those groups are completely out of everything. And rock music is far worse than the last of the disco hits. Disco stars have more character than the so-called rock musicians. Rock music is now being made almost without rhythm, just some cry-baby singing, to many acoustic guitars. Then those bands get big, not big, but just an illusion of real art and pop success. Then some managers sell those bands to the eastern coutries like stars for youth. I think they exist only to collect money from countries that get loans from the International Monetary Fund. I think those musicians are paid only enough for sandwiches and beer. And they do not deserve more, because they only serve like slaves. Artists are never slaves. And you know what is the best part of this deal. In foreign countries without a strong music industry, which is the case except in the big western countries, they buy off people in the media, who then take care of media support for this bad music and bad business. To me, this looks like open pressure on the local artists and really the entire local population. Thus, so-called journalists make idiots out of the local folks. 

Your music

This is the most stupid thing the West has done to the East and others in the last 20 years. Previously, others wanted to be polluted with western music, because that pollution had the seeds of something good inside. And these seeds grew into some good modern music products in the local countries.  Rock music became a self-grown plant in different countries and the influence of the west was guaranteed. Now there is no good influence, it is only about taking money in this very moment. Every student of economy knows that it's a crooked business if you have no long-term effects. Especially in show business, which is a culture business. 

Your music

What happens to the music industry In local countries? Rock music has no influence at all, because of all the media people, all the promoters of every kind, the worst of which are the ones from so-called independent music and alternative scenes, working for crooked businesses that do not let other locals who are not in their network do anything. On the other hand, this results in the springing up of local folk musicians who use modern technology to make and promote their own products. I am not against them at all, because I see those people as rebels without  a cause. The local intellectuals attack them and call them trash, which only makes them stronger, because intellectual individuals became so stupid that they no longer have influence on people; they have just the opposite effect, a sort of good advertising, because people hate them like hell.

Your music

Nowadays it is only about the transfer of money which has 0% influence on the local population in terms of ideas, and this is dangerous. The world as we know it is falling  apart and this is scary. So, now you know my opinion. It is not against western culture at all. It is a warning. It is a big warning that big ideas have migrated somewhere else. Don't ever think that there are no more big ideas in the world, that they have disappeared. No. They're in some other place, waiting, maybe already growing, waiting to hit us like never before.

This is a warning, a big warnig. But there is still time to change music industry.

This is a warning. A Big warning.

For your music.



Culture policy in the last 20 years in Europe has became so stupid, that it will ruin the world, not just the European Union. They don't know what they are doing. It is only about bureaucracy and taking public money without any results. In Slovenia, country without the tradition of a popular culture, or even a national culture, you can see this wrong cultural policy at its ugliest, in its reality, which you can not see in Germany, Austria or even in Croatia or Slovakia. Serbia is a case where you can see the clash of west and east concept. The most important mistake they are making is that they give up production and they support consumption. Support consumption with public money. Much more clever and better would be to support production which will then push consumption forward. What is that I ask you? That is nothing else than missing out on new players. Public money, especialy that arising from culture policy, has to have a mission to support new players, this must be in the public interest. What am I talking about? Am I naive or what? Public money only exists to perpetuate the power balance in society. So it is not public, it is quite private. 

How come?

How can it be?

In Europe there are many big cultural projects, which all deal with popular culture and public money and support of festivals, huge festivals. And then I read an article in the Financial Times that those festivals make cities, especialy old broken industrial complexes,  enter a new golden era, because of tourism. So a tourist may come after the festival into your town, and all of you will make money and have better living—at least that's what they want you to believe. The formula goes like this: A decision is made in the background, the politicians decide whether the festival will happen, and then take care of bureaucratic needs, the local culture eminences do the advertising, and of course every event like that needs new buildings—think about new buildings in an area with so many crushed down factories and empty hangars—then the politicians and cultured elite start taking campaign money from the state, European commisions, local community, bank sponsorships and so on…. then the festival takes place, everybody looks at the stage where the corrupted clowns sing about ….. how bad things are, about war, corruption and all kinds of political correctness. And after the festival things are the same, except for some more hungry people in the neighbourhood and some more culture managers 'of a better class', who do not even know how to manage accounts in a public company. And some satisfied construction companies with unsatisfied workers. All this in the name of better living, culture that will make us a better people with better material lives and, most importantly, all this consumption of culture will of course resolve nationalism, racism, sexism, animal abuse and all the other problems of modern times. If so, then I ask you: How come that in all those countries all those bad thing are growing? How can it be? Unbeliveable. 

How come?

How can it be?



If people would work more, this would be solved in one day. I also believe that generally the people are not as bad as the media, intellectuals and politicians portray them every single day. So, would you believe me that capitalism itself is not really guilty for everything, like everybody tries to tell us? Indeed capitalism is guilty if we say that capitalism is what invented  this cultural policy to protect their property and leading position, while supporting irresponsibility, non-knowledge, un-enterpreneurial skills, insensiblity towards other beings, especially human beings, and non-culture that passes for management in Europe.  The idea, that no new company or individual artist or producer can grow up in some local place.  And I tell you, we need those local players in the modern cultural industry, even if we do not need local players in the car industry or clothing or something… Those guys make a mistake in their business plan, believe what I am saying because I am a artist, I can tell it like it is. Isn't that so? What do you think?

There is a mistake, here many mistakes

The best thing about this game is the modern culture people who criticise the entire system, criticise capitalism. But what is capitalism? Is that any particular ideology? So they criticise nothing. They criticise thinking about collecting money, but they do not know that they kill local players with their public acting, local culture players who may be able to build up an industry by themselves and compete with the mighty players. Can you imagine if that would happen in every country? What would we get, a better world? If there are more of them, I think things will be better. It's better that every person has 5 years of possibilities in culture instead of 5 minutes of fame. Do you think that this is possiblle? I think so. And I ask you, oh, mighty ones, do you think your leading position will be in danger in such a system then? I do not believe so. There is a mistake here, so let's see where that mistake is.

There is a mistake, here many mistakes.

Please find that mistake.

Where is this mistake?



Popular music became so pathetic. That's what everybody says. Everybody. But is that true? It became different, that's for sure. All the time I'm hearing that contemporary  pop music is so bad, that there's so much trash going on. But is there so much more of that than before? I do no believe so. There was always the same percentage of very commercial music on the radio or whatever the next transmitter is going to be in the future. Always. In any era. And do you think that some of what we call good music—some rock, some classical, some experimental, some jazz, some ethno and some of all the other genres that you or I recognise as good music—is not pathetic. Wait for a century. Yes, I know you cannot, you don't have time. Why do we think it's not pathetic? Because me, you or somebody else says so. But is that true? Of course, not all the time, but in 99% of cases  it is. What do I think about good music? Good music (and any good art) is that which expresses feelings, deep feelings of individuals who performs live in front of other people. Only then can you get an impression of whtehr or not that artist is good. In the way he or she performs. Everything else is just productionskill. And skills are not creativity. Creativity is the biggest lie somebody sells to you. The mighty creativity. But it's not bad to be creative. Creativity is the term of economy and entrepreneurship. So, I do not like to hang around with artists who think they are something special, that see themselves as artists. This is the stupidiest and cleverest lie of all time. With this, some individuals get corrupted in society, somebody calls them artists, they believe they are, and get to certain position in the society. It is not the question of money at all. It is the question of deep deformation of personality, the height of hypocrisy. I meet very few artists who think they are not something special. But I meet tons of people who want to be artists, who think they are, or  who think they will be, ordinary poeple who respect artists so much. This is the biggest lie in all the world—that art is not a job like any other. 

Sound of music

And then came the stupidiest part of society. The alternative art people who think they have to be different from all the others and they become all the same, because they have the same goal, to be different—same fucking idea. Don't you recognize that you have the same leading idea? So what can you do with that then? Yes, I know. You can be creative. This is the stupidest lie in music industry—the idea of creativity. Then guys (sorry, they can also can be girls) come together in the rehearsal and everybody has different ideas and everybody wants be creative by themsel. Stupid idea, with their knowledge and skills and limited minds. Wow.

Sound of music


In August 2011, there were some big demonstrations in England, or maybe they would be better described as riots and burglary and property destruction. Government officials and the media quickly branded all the participants as criminals. Thirteen-year-old criminals? Ha, what is that? Then come smart people from universities who write essays about these riots which have none of the elements of revolution, because they have no present ideology. If those professors are so clever that they can accuse and abuse everyone who is outside the current political power structure, then people can also ruin stuff without any reason. But there is yet another catch. Why don't we think about revolutions in the past? Why did they happen? They happened because some people had more goods than others, with most of the population starving, while few others drank from golden goblets. And revolutions never happen unless someone finances them, someone organises them and someone leads them. It is very simple, to just get goods from those who have them, because otherwise we could not survive anymore, somebody has to say this. But if somebody tells the point to the others, then they can also tell them the missing points, fake reasons. Why the hell do people need ideology, just take goods and go! Why bother with some stupid questions? 

My grandmother always told me that revolutions and wars, which is the same fucking thing, happen because there's too much population and cleaning is needed every century or so. But who is the cleaner? Who pushes these things to the edge? 

They call them criminals

Yes. Maybe there is some truth in this, too. Why not? In every crowd there is some percentage of this and that. I believe there were also some criminals involved, for sure. But that gives us just another point of wiev. Criminals have changed in the last 20 years; big changes have happened. Technology and science have changed both the criminal and violence. Different people became criminals, often highly educated people instead of thugs. So it is quite possible that some old-fashioned criminals were involved in the riots, because they are panicky and stay out of real business these days. Before, the tool used on someone to do something was violence, while now it is intellectual force which does the violence and puts pressure on the people who just want to get money, influence, and maybe a good brand name in order to become independent. Those educated people are all sociologists and other similar so-called scientiests, or computer and other nano gano pfard tehnology workers. These are modern executors in the name of the one and only power. Intelectuals lie to the masses and take media places before some real rebels come and say something true, they're making theories about this and that, just to kick some sand into our eyes. Those theories are paid for by the one and only power and even this is good enough evidence of their self corruption. They always start newer and newer civil movement projects just because they can recruit new generations with something to say; they recruit young intellectuals and make them blind. You can easily manipulate educated poeple, it is much harder to manipulate someone who does not know how to write or read. These manipulators using computer and other modern tehnology can come into your home and into your head without even touching you, without even knowing you, or meeting you. It is an impersonal computer game. So old criminals are not useful for dirty jobs anymore. 

They call them criminals

We hear on TV that just youngsters are doing all the rioting. This is just funny. In Europe, a lot of public money goes to the youth centers. Those youth centers are nice concepts on paper, where they claim they work in public interest, with worthy goals such as minimizing social diferences, giving youngsters some nice activities, educating them, cultivating and socialising them and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on ... But all we get out of this is a waste of public money for some rooms where noone is welcome, for some professional employees—a usually people who have connections and have no skills and no interest in the job, and in many cases just the grown-up children of local big-shots, children who are not able to do anything else, stupid local shit 30-year-old children. It would be good if they would work towards their ends, but no these youth centers do not do what they proclaim themselves to do on paper. No. They do things opposite from supporting the local society. They cause damage. Everywhere they start a youth center, there will be no music scene, no other things. Leaders of youth centers seem to be trained to ruin everything. Maybe they are paid for that mission. You never know. Millions of Euros are put into youth centers. They have all the new buildings, new shiny furniture, offices, and so on and so on and so on... It becomes so absurd, that in small local cities you can see shiny new youth center being built while public medical facilities are located in a shabby old house full of rats, or just being urgently renovated, or you go and donate your blood so you can pretend you're on some war front somewhere. No one says a thing, no journalists write even a word about that. Nothing. How is this possible?

Then they call them criminals

Also some clever heads told us that the riots in UK and Greece and elsewhere in Europe have no connection with the changing of presidents in some Arabic and African coutries. They do not change regimes, they just change persons who they were looking at for too long a time. And then they want to convience us on TV that this has no conecction. There is a connection. The first one is that both events happened in the same summer of the same year; the second is that both news were emitted from the same TV show at dinner time. It is easy enough to understand that the poorest part of population was not involved in the riots. They are more clever than that, you cannot convince them so quickly and easily. Or what. 

They call them criminals



If you listen to the modern music of the western world, you will notice that it has less and less rhythm. In the movies, especially in the arty movies, soundtracks became so sad and unrhythmic that you feel really bad when you watch these movies. More and more popular music has less and less drumming. And I also believe, regarding that, that drumming and rock and roll are forever. I play in the band called Center  za dehumaniazcijo/Center for dehumanization (CZD) and back when we started in the late seventies I never thought that our rock and roll could become so strange in its time and place, so unusual. I never went along with people who thought that the past was something really beutiful and that back then bands were playing good and so on and so on ...this retro pathetic thought is really ugly. Whoever thinks that way can never write and sing a good song, because songs have to be writen for the future, have to live in the next and the next future, and not in the past. 

Flat music

I still think that putting together a good band is a big thing. It's the same as leading a state or leading a big company; it has become a very complex job. Good bands still have power to change something in society; it seems unbelievable, but it is true. I did not know this when I started, I thought that it was only rock and roll. 

Flat music

You would not believe what you have to deal with when organizing a band. You have to have a good solid idea about the music concept, about lyrics, about songs, about image, about the stage act, about what to say in the interviews, about the record label, about PR, about organizing concerts and tours, as well as about international management and so on and so on ... But this is still the easiest part of the job. You have to be setting up both the internal and external organization. You have tokeep the information flowing. You have to take care about what information, exactly which message, you're putting out to the band mates.You even have to be careful about what you think about the band, because your thinking can easily undercut your cause if it's wrong or support your cause if it's good. Then there are all kind of drugs. I believe they are not there by coincidence; they come into play because of you, to chain you. At this point I am very suspicious, a believer in conspiracies. After that the music journalists come visit. They are not some kind of Nick Kent usually, they are rather some fake rock pricks who are just looking for some quick fame, or they could be the intelectual types who would just like to put you in some box, or sometimes they work for inteligence.Then there are various fanzine or e-zine makers who want to keep you in the underground because you are some kind of messiah to them, or you get some that are just stupid. Then if you have some success, other strange people start hanging around you and start to manipulate all the people involved in band work. So suddenly one day your bass player will come to you and say such strange things that you can not come to terms with, and then after many years you finally get the truth about what happened, what manipulations were done with your band and why your line-up which had good program, good stage performance and played well fell apart. 

I did not see that only in my band, I can see it even more clearly in other bands and what happened to them. A good singer of a cult band got addicted to drugs at age 22 and he is still a junky at 45.Other bands had such technical problems on importaint shows that they became a disaster.Yet other bands make such stupid financial decisions that it ruins their careers in just one hand shaking moment and so on and so on and so on.....Then there came this philosophy that everyone is an artist and then bands start arguing about music, about every single stupid question and that makes blockades in band development. Then comes the thinking that you have to be different and so on and so on ... And at the end comes the thinking that a strong leader in the band is a dictator, which is a crime, and that bands with strong leadership are not worth listening to and so on and so on and so on and so on ...

Then I started singing and composing in Punkappella, a punk choir. There is a big difference between Europe and the States. Musicians in America are not the same, fucking not the same. I cannot put together a punk choir in Europe, because here people are ashamed to do something new. The biggest difference is that people in Europe do not see the difference between reallity and acting and they are scared to act. You cannot step on the stage if you are not acting. That is the point. And Americans do not take themself so seriously that they cannot do a more serious big thing. Hopefully. Maybe I am the only one who says something positive about America in these times....

Then we have Kloopotec, an electronic-industrial duo with guests, which uses analog equipment of all kinds. A strange point of view I get from this side of the stage.

Because of all that I know about music, about rock music and popular music, and because a lot of modern music is without rhythm I suggets a new movement:

Music without rhythm - Flat music

Music which in fact has no musical structure, but it is not improvised music. Because improvisation is for people who improvise, and the world needs new organising. You would say I talk nonsense. There would be structure, but not in the same musical language as we know at the moment. That time is close. One chord wonder, no drumming or rhythm paterns at all, a lot of singing, a lot of synthesisers and other new instruments, a very open code, very open, very open....maybe after the 4th world war which will start in Slovenia, as Jurij Aleksejev told me would happpen if people in Slovenia continue with their way of thinking and living. I think it is even more simple than that. Just look at the map and you will see why all of this happens to Slovenians. Slovenia happens to be on the worldwide crossing, everybody has to go trough there.

Music without rhythm - Flat music



However and whatever happened nowadays, demonstrations without sense, music without rhythm, economy without economic rules, earthquakes which could ruin the entire planet, moral and ethic ruination, alienation of individuals without knowledge of what it means to be a human being and so on and so on and so on and so on… We must think where all those things are leading us and why, and on that basis form a New world order. If you listen to todays popular philosophers, such as Slavoj Žižek, ha, ha…he is from Slovenia, you think that is an accident? He is another one, and so far the last one, who pushed radical thoughts into public opinion. He is a pop product of modern western society. He is absolutely right and he is very wrong all at the same time. Typical dualist. This is leading nowhere and this is the end of civiliaztion as we know it. The end of thinking. Do we really need to think? In this the dualist way? 

New world order

All we talk about, what we are doing and how we behave in the western world, is coming somehow from the philosophers of ancient Greece, and then from the Renaissance and here we are now. Nowhere. We have to stop with dualism. Because it's stopping us in development in all ways: economic, cultural, technological, artistic and so on and so on and so on….

New world order

I can do this through artsy farty songs with lyrics which someone else will also like and get some airplay with. But there is no time to do that anymore.

New world order

Mechanicistic society will come, whether we like it or not. It is better to prepare for it and make the best of it, then just leave it flowing like lava into our lives. Mechanicism and automatisation of society are also the only solution able to remove the human factors from organising our public lives and society. Automatisation of cultural production is waiting around the corner, automatisation of all kinds of production, automatisation of media, hahahahaha, that one will probably be the funiest part, through modern discussions about media and journalism, hahahahaha. Automatisation of state departments, automatisation of voting, automatisation af art, automatisation of creativity, hahahahahaha, you better believe me and prepare for it and try to help to make it better, I am begging you. This all sounds cruel to the romantic modern artsy farty society, but there is really no other solution. If somebody sees any other way, please tell me.

New world order

So we need to put together a new universal code, which will help us to survive in this world, just by saving our lives, of course. The New world order must put it together. It has to be and it will be simple short instructions about how to put together new knowledge which is not represented yet, which is somehow invisible in our world as we know it. This has to be a reality that everybody can understand, everybody can use, because this stuff we have now is too complicated and nobody in this modern western culture can follow the instructions anymore, because there are none.

New world order

Will come and you will hear, see and use it in your lives yet, if you just survive.

New world order


MTT / Mariborski trdi toni – Zvoki Maribora



Vem, zakaj so intelektualci potrebni v svetu.
Ne vem pa, za kaj so potrebni v Mariboru.

(Nino Flisar)



Železniška postaja ob 6.30.
Mimo Tezna, nikoli na Studence,
zmeraj v Meljsko.


V laboratoriju moji profesorici kemije
mešata barve za barvanje blaga,
iz katerega bodo neke šivilje
šivale vojaške uniforme.

(Zdenko Kodrič)



Najprej so oni streljali naše
potem so naši streljali naše.

Otroke, ki smo se igrali tam blizu,
so vojaki nagnali domov.
Mama je zaprla okna in zagrnila zavese,
vedela je, kaj bo.

Najprej so oni streljali naše,
potem so naši streljali naše.

Eden je ležal ob poti na Pohorje,
imel je bele nogavice.

Najprej so oni streljali naše,
potem so naši streljali naše.

(Drago Senica -Pi)



Spomini božajo kot svila.
(Srečko Niedorfer)



Zategel, piskajoč, čaroben,
zvok parne lokomotive iz tople postelje.
Vonj po brusih tovarne Swaty in šumi rezanja,
zapečen vonj, na začetku strašno zanimiv,
ki je postajal vedno bolj rezek,
vedno bolj intenziven in zoprn.

(Melita Forstnerič - Hajnšek)



Svetovna morja in pokrajine
v nekem smislu človeka res nekoliko zasvojijo,
ampak Drava, Pohorje, gorice in stare mariborske ulice,
mladostni prijatelji, to ostane.
Tega ne odpiha noben veter velikega sveta.

(Drago Jančar)



Dol z bando




Koliko resnice
koliko smeha in solz
je v mariborskem vinu.

(Janez Verboten)



Če si zraven, si pa zraven.
Če pa nisi, te pa ni!

(Bojan Sedmak)



Maribor je treba met rad, ker je fajn.
To je mesto, ki ima dušo.

(Alojz Križman)





Radko Bračko