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In Cinema Rex:

July 4th - 6th 1997 - The First Serbian Low-Fi Video Convention
September 20th, 1997 - Summer "the best of" Review
October 23rd, 1997 - The Second Serbian Low-Fi Video Convention
November 28th, 1997 - Greetings from the South (Authors from Nis)
December 26th, 1997 - Autumn "the best of" Review
January 26th, 1998 - Short Comedies - Home-Made
February 27th, 1998 - Documentary and Family Film
March 21st - 22nd, 1998 - The Third Serbian Low-Fi Video Convention
April 25th, 1998 - Vojvodina Transversal (Authors from Novi Sad and Subotica)
May 22nd, 1998 - Winter "the best of" Review
June 21st, 1998 - The Fourth Serbian Low-Fi Video Convention
October 22nd - 23rd, 1998 - The Fourth Serbian Low-Fi Video Convention (extended edition)
December 20th, 1998 - Autumn "the best of" Review '98
January 19th, 1999 - Low-Fi goes abroad (Low-Fi International Programme)

Belgrade, Youth Center - June 21-22, 2000.
6th Serbian Low-Fi Video Gathering (as a part of the 32 DAYS LATER event by Zadruga)

Youth Cultural Center, Belgrade, June 25-27, 2001
7th LOW-FI VIDEO Convention
-> an annual screening of new low-fi shorts