»Destroy the evil polyroids before they take over the universe!!«

Polyroids is a fast, colorful and addictive take on the classic Asteroids theme, created in 1994 by Rob Shillingsburg for SGI workstations. It's now been ported to OpenGL and GLUT, which means you can build and play it on many platforms.

Javascript port

You can now play Polyroids in HTML5 browsers like Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4. It's been ported to Javascript and <canvas>. No plugins needed!


There is (for now) only one binary - for MacOS X:  Polyroids.dmg
Debian binary package is coming soon (hah)


Everybody else will need to get the sources: They are licensed under the GNU GPL.


It's running nicely on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, the thing i miss most is the wacky Honesty font from the original. This version uses Helvetica. You probably want to see the screenshot..


I'd love to hear about your experience building and running Polyroids. Please send mail to me, at "luka at ljudmila dot org".

Luka Frelih, Ljubljana, Dec 2002