Petition machine



About Petition machine
Petition Machine is a tool for civic initiatives but with some limitations - to evade inflation (de-evaluation) of the principle of petition.

Because it was not used for some time, it is only available for historical reasons.

It was supposed to be a tool for non-governmental research and cultural organisations and for the self-employed in culture (artists).

For various petitions there is an online version in Slovene language or an international one

How to Create a new petition:

1. Online Registration
2. Online New petition creation
3. An email confirmation is sent to you
4. You must activate new petition by following a link in your confirmation email

How the Signatures are added to petition:

1. You have to send out emails with a link to your specific petition
2. Recepients add their signatures by following the link and filling in all the necessary information
3. After that an email is sent to them with link to confirm their signature
4. Only on confirmation the signature becomes valid.

The personal information (email, home address) is kept secret at all times - only the creator of petition can view and download the complete list of signatures in the desired format.

Petition machine is based on phpPetitionScript, but it has the feature for more than one petition and is multilanguage.

Initiators for Petition Machine as one of the "civic tools" are Chiron Morpheus (Bojan Ažman) and Borut Savski. Production 2007, 2008.