SUMMER SONGS (Francisco Tomsich + Borut Savski)

SUMMER SONGS (Francisco Tomsich + Borut Savski)
The Silent Movies (Francisco Tomsich – Borut Savski)

video-sound generative narrative installation
Dedicated to Simon and Boštjan

Cirkulacija 2
Podhod Ajdovščina, Ljubljana
22. marec – 6. april 2023

Opening :: Wednesday 22.3.2023, 20:00 ::: Performance: The Benshi Project: Summer Songs

Summer Songs, the second project of The Silent Movies duo, is an artistic environment comprising a series of sources of visual, sound and verbal information mutually ... more

Vibration speaker cylinder

Vibration speaker cylinder

It took about 25 years that a special type of loudspeaker – vibration speaker – came to widespread use.

In 2022 I was to give technical help to realize a set of light transmitting and receiving devices. On the receiver side a vibration speaker was to be used (namely: Dura Mobi Speaker Hummingbird bone conduction speaker). In further research I came across a larger 20W version of a vibration speaker.

With vibration speaker the sound is created by transmitting vibrations... more