Instant ASCII Camera

Introductory Measures
This html document is intended to contain information about the Instant ASCII Camera, yet another vuk's ascii project. Technically speaking the information given in the previous sentence has a certain level of predictability, but for the sake of full clarity it was a necessary first step. It is only through simillar procedures that you can expect to gain the confidence of your web site's user.

Grand Technical Description
Analogous to the automatic passport photo machines usualy found in the railway stations this aparatus requires the presence of the user, and asks that his or hers face is put put in front of the camera. After the appropriate button is pressed , the portrait of the user is printed on a regular receipt in ascii format.

Availability Announcement
The first display of the working prototype is planned for the "How Low Can You Go Show" that is taking place Amsterdam on March the 12th, within the Next 5 Minutes conference. Visitors are invited to try this free community service in the club Paradiso. The machine will be working during the entire festival.

Conclusive Claims
The working prototype of the Instant ASCII Camera is going to undergo several adjustments and upgrades in the near future, and will be offered for display in media exhibitions and festivals dealing with all aspects of technology related art practice and theory. The camera's relative ease of use and portability are to be counted as positive characteristics in evaluation of it's possible inclusion in the mentioned events. Extreme entertainment value of the device is enhanced by the presence of it's author.