Eat Your Records
The ad on the left promotes a toy turntable that played records made of sugar and chocolate. The price of six records was 1,90 francs while the turntable was 3.90. The thing was produced by a well known german candy manufacturer 'Stollwerk' in 1905. The dimensions of the box are 16x12x5,5cm, while the horn is 18cm long.
I have found these in the book "FONOGRAFI E GRAMMOFONI" published by Stella Polare Editrice, Bergamo, Italy. The text for the book were written by Nino Ciravegna, and the photos of which one is scanned here were made by Luca Lucchetti. The images and text reproduced here are from pp 40 and 41.
A bit of search brought me to the Stollwerk Chocolate Museum information for architects, in German, and also to an email by Renate Schnapka where I have found out that Franz Stollwerk had eleven kids and that "Heute ist der Stollwerk-Konzern einer der Marktfuehrer"...