In June 1972 two cardinal events took place that have triggered a couple of the most important industries of today.

In an obscure xxx theatre at Times Square "Deep Throat" was shown for the first time, and have become one of the films with the biggest income in the history of moving images - over 600 million $ by some estimates. It's influence remaines unparalelled, and it's premiere projection is considered as the moment of birth of porno movie industry.

At a bar in California the first Pong arcade was installed, thus bringing the computer games from the unaccessible mainframe supercomputing centers to the masses. This coin operated game have soon turned into a true explosion of popularity and is first in the evolution tree of the gaming industry that is making more money than the film industry in US.

The deep simetry of these two events that have started two dominant contents industries in contemporary culture of media and the net, and also the fascinating time coincidence were reasons enough to combine them in a single art project.

The Project
The Deep ASCII project consists of a gallery installation of a Pong Arcade running a continuous loop of the ASCII version of Deep Throat - as simple as that.